galaxy flip 4 turning off when closing after 5.1.1 update

  • 18 November 2023
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Just downloaded the 5.1.1 update to my Flip 4 and when I fold the phone close, it will shut the phone down. Anyone else experiencing this problem? What are my options from here?

3 replies

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If you have it set to the most aggressive power saving settings.  It will do that after.


Thanks for the reply, but seems like it didn't fix the problem.  😭


I don’t mean to upset you but I met more people that complain about the Adroid devicesI sat next to one individual on my flight from SFO to PHL and he was describing some of the bizarre instances hem was experiencing with his phone. When I showed him my iPhone 12 he couldn’t believe how simply it worked.

There were a few a few people around us that overheard our conversation and chimed in with agreement. Most of the people I talk to are adamant about their Adroid phone but still suffer from the user interface experience but they continue because they desire Apple for what ever reason. I’ve always used Apple products because they are designed toward ease of use.  

Of course if you're a Windows user most likely you’ll stick with Android. Hope things work out.