Galaxy Gear S2 AT&T Switching to T-Mobile

  • 20 September 2016
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Hello Everyone,


So i was hunting for a new watch on craigslist. I seen a guy that was selling a brand new Gear S2. I completed the transaction however before that i called both carriers. T-Mobile Stated to me that it would be no problem changing over the watch to the T-Mobile network as long as the watch is unlocked. I called AT&T and they stated that as long as the watch is not under contract still, unlocking the watch is no issue. So i got the IMEI number from the seller and checked it with AT&T and it was indeed not on contract. So they sent me the unlock details but turns out after i followed the process it appeared that the watch was already unlocked. So i called T-Mobile; and it was a nightmare getting my account re-worked for wearable's but once that was completed they asked for my CCID(sim number) by dialing *#06#. when i gave it to them they stated that the CCID was 20 digits and it should be 19. After a few phone calls to T-Mobile and troubleshooting sessions i was finally told that the system doesn't support 20 digit sim card numbers which is why it pulled up with nothing when it was checked.


Now i did some research and apparently Samsung implemented E-Sims into these new watches in order to ensure interchangeability between carrier networks so i am not sure what to think here. I am looking for help to understand what the limitation is. Is it actually the T-Mobile network that does not allow 20 digit SIM's or is it something that im doing wrong in getting the correct number.

11 replies

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Iirc you don't input the last digit.

i believe they tried that it still did not pull up a valid sim

Does anyone have an idea about this?

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Hiya @gamechief‌!  Just checking in - were you ever able to get a final answer on this?  I'm happy to try to do some digging for you if it's still unresolved!

- Marissa

No I wasn't able to get any traction to get this resolved

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Hey @gamechief‌.  I'm so sorry to come back with this news, and honestly, I apologize for not looking harder earlier.  I checked our Wearable plan FAQs and it looks like as of the last update to this plan type, which was this summer, we're only able to support "the Galaxy Gear S and any wearable device sold by T-Mobile". 

That being said - I also found this in our own Support archives: ATT Gear S MM#6 Phone Not Allowed Solution‌.  Of course, this post was about the Gear S, not the S2, and the user who posted this was kind enough to include their own disclaimer, which I will echo: I have no idea if this would actually work, having never tried it, nor can I guarantee that it won't harm your equipment!  Our official stance is that we can't support it.  But it seems plausible that the issue with the 20 digit IMEI vs the 15 digit IMEI that our systems take may be caused by the TAC database that these users mention.  If you've got a SIM on a voice line in the appropriate size that would fit into the watch, maybe worth a test, if you're willing to brave it?  Or it may be safer to sell back to an AT&T customer and purchase a T-Mobile branded device from us.  Again, final disclaimer before you choose your own adventure: user how-tos are not the same as T-Mobile Support pages and we can't guarantee this!    

- Marissa

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Hey @gamechief‌ - just wanted to touch base and see which way this "choose your own adventure" played out.  Did you decide to walk through those crazy steps?  Or did you swap the AT&T equipment for a TMO branded watch?

- Marissa

That won't work.

The Gear S2 and S2 Classic have an e-sim which is built into the device.

The OP would need to have AT&T service for 60 days then request to have it "unlocked" and even then it's not like he can change the CCID.

I'm in the exact same situation so I'll be following this closely.

I am in the exact same situation. Samsung said in all their press releases that the eSim would allow more freedom to the customers, but I guess they failed to provide more info for the carriers to assist their customers? Cause it seems NOBODY on Tmobile knows how to switch the carrier on the S2.

I've been offered to buy a new Tmobile device 3 times already. I don't want a new device, lol. I'll keep trying.

I'm gonna tell you right now. It's not going to happen.

T-Mobile can't even accept the esim number build directly into the watch. I had to purchase a who new watch to have it set up on my account. And that was 25 days after they (T-Mobile) dropped the price by half. I tried to call them to request a price adjustment and to which the representative pretty much told me "Too bad, so sad. You missed it by less than a week. You have 21 days and it's been 25."

I've been thanking about switching to AT&T now because of the way that she responded to my request.

T-Mobile 'Experts' are Idiots!

I spent an hour, the majority of the time on hold, with a so-called T-mobile 'Expert,' attempting to get my new-to-me Samsung Gear S2 model R730 watch added to my account.  After an hour, the 'expert' got their supervisor online who wasted an additional 20 minutes of my time attempting to get the watch connected.

Finally, after a total waste of 1hr and 20 minutes and more than half a dozen requests for the devices ICCID number, the 'supervisor' stated that T-mobile did not support 20 digit ICCID numbers.  By this time I was livid.

If a 20 digit ICCID number is not supported and the Gear S2 comes in both 19 & 20 digit ICCID number varieties, why the F@$( wouldn't they ask up front for the ICCID and if it was a 20 digit version, politely say the watch wasn't supported.  It would be disappointing, but a 5 minute call.  Instead, I wind up feeling like T-mobile has F'd me up the @$$ with the big hand of a clock!

I'm typing this, as I spend another 15 minutes with 'Account Support,' who are attempting to navigate their way out of this paper bag with a map and like their 'expert' tech support brethren, failing miserably.  We're now up to a total of an hour and 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I wonder how many full-fisted punches to the face of a local T-mobile store manager this wasted time equals?