Galaxy Note 10 Wi-Fi Calling Preferences Updated Automatically

  • 16 September 2020
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I received the September security patch last night (N970U1UES4CTH1). When I’m at work, I have to use Wi-Fi calling to get texts or calls since I am on the ground floor where there’s no signal. I’ve never experienced any issues with this, however since this morning, I’ll randomly get a notification stating “Wi-Fi calling preferences updated to optimize network experience”, and suddenly I can’t call or text anymore. I go into the settings and it’s switched it to “Cellular preferred”. If I change it back to Wi-Fi preferred, it’ll continue to work for an hour or so then it switches it back again following the notification.


Any way I can stop it from making changes? This is really frustrating, I feel that I should have control over my Wi-Fi calling preferences.

5 replies

I am having the same issue with my S20, I have not found a solution either. 

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one way I deal with it, if you are only going to use wifi for a while is to turn airplane mode on, then toggle wifi back on. This turns off the cell radios, forces the phone to use wifi preferred mode.


if I can find anything else, I’ll share it.



Having the same issue. It just started today after an update. I had this happen on my s9 last year and it magically disappeared after a few months worth of updates. My s20 is not even a month old and I have to deal with this again. I do not have a signal in my home, so this is needed. I’ve used the airplane mode trick on my old phone, but seriously shouldn’t have to go this route.

The same problem on my Note 10+, it is really very annoying, I check on the Web and everyone reports it, but the proposed solutions do not solve this issue.

Been having the same issue for a couple of weeks now on my note 10+ and a note 8. It’s been getting really annoying