Galaxy S10, you refuse to unlock

  • 14 August 2019
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I have a galaxy S10 that I bought from pre-order on the samsung website. At the time I was unable to click the unlocked option and chose t-mobile since we would use it on the network anyways. Now we are moving overseas and will need to use it on other networks. The phone has no contract, no debt owed, nothing. Account is clean and has been for years. I have now contacted your phone support 3 times and talked to 2 supervisors. You submit for an unlock code and what comes back? Your department replies in email with this:
"There is no unlock code provided by the manufacturer to unlock this device. This specific model uses an app setting that is designed in the device itself. "

I have told you repeatedly that the phone states it shows network locked and attempting to select "permanent unlock" in that settings menu ends up with an error (code 540380) that the device is not eligible to be unlocked. This phone has NEVER had a contract nor has there been payments. In fact our account has been out of contract for years. We pay cash for devices and by refusing to unlock this phone you are violating the FCC law passed in 2015 requiring providers to unlock devices.

How will you fix this? We are running out of time before we leave. I cant be the only one with this issue.

Do NOT tell me as you have others to post up for help on your twitter feed or social media pages. This is a support forum.


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You purchased the device from Samsung.  You need to contact Samsung to help you unlock the device.  T-Mobile devices use the T-Mobile Unlock app to unlock the device.  There is no need for an unlock code because it is done through the app.

As an alternative, you could also pay for a third party unlocking service to unlock the device. 

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You purchased the device from Samsung.  You need to contact Samsung to help you unlock the device.  T-Mobile devices use the T-Mobile Unlock app to unlock the device.  There is no need for an unlock code because it is done through the app.

As an alternative, you could also pay for a third party unlocking service to unlock the device. 

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The phone was not sold by Tmobile so the imei# isn't in Tmobile's database which is why they're not

violating the FCC law.

So you need to to get Samsung to get in contact with Tmobile so they can get and put the imei# in their database

so the unlock request can go through.

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While this is a support forum it is a customer to customer support forum. This is a place for customers to speak to other customers. If you need to speak to T-Mobile directly you can call them or talk to them on social media.

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I guess misery loves company, but I'm so glad I'm not the only person with the exact same problem.   I bought an S10 from Samsung pre-loaded with T-Mobile in March, and we moved in July to area with poor T-Mobile signal.   I switched to AT&T, and upon inserting the SIM card, it says my phone is locked.   Upon speaking to T-Mobile at least 7 times and Samsung 3 times.   Apparently, 2019 Samsung model no longer have the T-Mobile Unlock App installed.   It is supposed to occur by going to Connections / More Connection Settings / Network Unlock.   Upon pushing the 'Permanent Unlock' option, I get the message, "Couldn't unlock your phone.   Your phone isn't eligible to be unlocked.   Reason code:  540380"    So frustrating because T-Mobile tells me to call Samsung, and Samsung says that T-Mobile is legally required to unlock me.   I'm going to try Gramps28 suggestion to see if Samsung can get T-Mobile to add the IMEI to their database.   I wish I could be more optimistic because I've been using an old phone while my S10 (that I paid cash for) is now a glorified Wi-Fi device.    I'll post if it works.

Didn't work.... Samsung gave me the run-around saying that T-Mobile would have my IMEI on their database if I was able to use it on their network, which I was for the 4 months before I intended to switch.    Back to calling T-Mobile to get the same circular reference.

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It's easier to contact Tmobile support on Facebook or Twitter using messenger

and asking support to get the imei# into the system.

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That's why you need to contact Tmobile support through social media.

Yes, they have the imei# because you used it on Tmobile yet Samsung never sent

it over to Tmobile to put it in their list of devices that they can unlock.

You're in a Catch 22 and the only way I've seen this fixed is the above answer.

T-Mobile Social Media Monday

Was this ever resolved for you? I have been stuck in this circle as well for the past week with no resolution. I keep getting told to wait  and not even a time frame for when this will be resolved.

I've had a similar problem with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unlocked by Samsung version I purchased directly from . My troubles began first with the phone receiving meager to no signal/data in areas where I had perfect service in the past, all the way down to mms/sms lag and full out dysfunction. I called T-mobile support, whom couldnt cind my version of the S10+ in their system SM-G975U1, and had to add my IMEI manually into the system roughly on about 3 different phone calls, to no change in service. Then another tmobile tech rep suggested to switch to a new sim card, which I did, to also having no change. I did a bit of research, which led me to the samsung forums, where Samsung acknowledges the shortcomings of the phone and promises an update in "the near future" but alas no such update arrived yet since the April/2019 post. Yet I found a solution that seems to work:
Dial in phone keypad ##3282# or #2263# (nonbranded carrier model) and that'll get you to the proper screen to edit modes
You must disable Band 41 AND Band 25!. Enter Data Programming Mode: ##3282# Edit -> Enter MSL: 000000 -> OK -> LTE -> Band41 Enabled -> Deselect -> Band25 Enabled - Reboot.
I hope the issues are resolved soon!

I had no problem unlocking my tmobile branded note 9 from with tmobile.

all they did was add the imei to their database and i was able to unlock through the app after a few days.

Im going through the process again with my note 10, i guess we'll see how this one goes.

Im not sure why they're giving you such a hard time.

Thanks for all the responses.   I'm still in circular reference hell.   I haven't resolved the issue, and I just got off my seventh call with T-Mobile.   They say that their unlock team will contact me with instructions.    This was the exact response on my last call where I received an e-mail from this team with the exact instructions I received on the phone and does not work.   I still get error code "Couldn't unlock your phone.   Your phone isn't eligible to be unlocked.   Reason code:  540380."   I'll reply if I get another e-mail from the unlock team with a better solution.  I'm not optimistic.

Contact T-Mobile support on twitter.

I was in the same boat till i saw an employee on reddit that said the contact twitter support.
Don't waste your time with the clowns on the support via

Simply Amazing!!!!   It worked!!!   I'm free!!!    I'm 43 years old, and not really big on social media.   I opened a Twitter account for the sole purpose of trying the T-Mobile support (as suggested on this thread).    They took my IMEI# and then sent me instructions with a link < 24 hours later.    The link is to a page with the same instructions I tried at least 50 time before (Settings / Connections / More Connection Settings / Network Unlock / Permanent Unlock), but this time it said "Your phone is unlocked"

I owe each person on this thread a debt of gratitude.    If any of you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, I owe you a beer.    I can't thank you enough.

From a 1-5 star scale, I give T-Mobile 1 star.   Their in store, online, and phone support were inept to solve my problem, made promises they didn't keep, and spun me in circles for 2 months.    As far as T-Mobile Twitter Support goes, I give them 5+ stars.   They were courteous, punctual, and knowledgeable.

Thanks again everyone.   I can actually use my new phone now!!!

Thank you to all those who suggested reaching out to T-Mobile on Twitter and Facebook.

I was stuck on the loop of calling Samsung support and T-Mobile, it seems the people answering the phone and clueless when it comes to this topic.

I read this post even before I called T-Mobile and told them what they had to do in order to unlock it, they called Samsung and conferenced me in, and even with me and the T-Mobile rep. on the phone the support over at Samsung wasn't able to unlock the phone and no matter what we said all the Samsung rep answered was "Samsung cannot unlock phones"

After a long and lost battle, I reached out to T-Mobile on both Facebook and Twitter (I just didn't know how long it would take) and within minutes they answer my message, they then submitted an unlock request on Friday and by Monday my phone was unlocked.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Twitter and Facebook got it resolved.