Galaxy S5 not Receiving All Texts

I have seen that others have commented with similar issues, and the title says it all.  For a few weeks now, I haven't been receiving all of the texts people have sent to me.  Some will come through, but oftentimes they'll go unreceived regardless of connection to WiFi.  Because of this, I have missed out on some important texts

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I am having the exact same problem on my LG G4.  I am located in Orange County, CA and for the past few weeks, SMS texts have not being going through.  I can receive them sometimes, sometimes not, but they are not going out.  MMS messages seem to continue to work... most of the time.  I have manually updated the APN connections which did not help, and then reset them to default. I have uninstalled my testing app and used the pre-installed app to see if this made a difference.  In both apps, when I checked the status of the SMS text, it says "delivered." I tried other texting apps (Chomp has ALWAYS worked and now isn't; same with Mood).  I have scoured the boards to find a solution and I have found that across the country people appear to be having significant problems with T-Mobile mobile data connections.  This is pretty severe as T-Mobile texting does not work over wi-fi and many people (including myself) have migrating to texting as their main venue for emergency messages.  As a result of the above problems, I have missed some pretty critical texts coming in and going out.  What is the deal T-Mobile??

I'm bumping this so it doesn't get closed.  I'd also like to update my original post and say that many of my texts are sending twice.

Thanks so much for the info and lets see what we can find out!

Does this seem to happen with specific contacts, or does it seem like it will fail with anyone? Are you sending your messages through hangouts, or just the standard default SMS?


I reported this problem to T-mobile several weeks ago with no resolution. Emptied cache and all that jazz, and still having issues. All the T-mobile customers that I deal with claim the same thing here in Tampa, FL. Each person has a different type of phone, and it's with all contacts using standard SMS. It's ridiculous to call them and have them tell you that they are unaware of any issues when they clearly are!

Thank you for your response!  This seems to be happening to all of my contacts, as more and more people have been informing me that I have missed their messages.  All of these have been via standard SMS and both with and without a WiFi connection (I also don't have WiFi calling on)

My brother who is currently out of the country told me he is getting texts clearly intended for other people. Sounds like TMo has some real issues with SMS,

Bumping so this thread doesn't get closed

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I'M STILL HAVING MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH BOTH SMS AND MMS MESSAGES. This has gotten really bad. Everything works fine for awhile ... then all of a sudden messages stop going through ... then I turn my phone off and on again and everything goes through... SOMETIMES ... sometimes not!!!! what is the deal???

I'm still having problems, as well.  As I keep saying, I just keep finding out that I'm missing more and more SMS messages from more and more people.  The two most important and basic functions that cell phones should have and support are calling and sending SMS messages, but how are people supposed to use their phones if their provider doesn't support one of them?

I'm going back to bumping.  I will not let this thread close until this issue is resolved.  We've been dealing with this for weeks now and there are no solutions. 

It's been over a week since we heard anything official 😥

I hope it isn't too late to bump and keep this thread open

Any updates?  I'm still missing a very large number of SMS messages

Sorry for the delay!

Because this is primarily a user forum, we have a baked in timeline for other users to respond, so bumps actually pull it further from staff since it appears users are still talking. Sorry about that! Staff pops in once a thread hasn't had interaction from other users after so long.

Hmm. Does this seem to happen in every area? Have you tried your SIM in an alternate device to see if this continues? Have you tried updating the SIM?


Oh really?  Sorry about that!  I've just seen threads closed due to no one responding for a certain amount of time.

This seems to happen to me regardless of where I am.  I don't know if i can switch out the SIM card, though.  I vaguely remember getting a new one to fit my phone when I first bought it

I would try a SIM switch, if you can! Especially if happening regardless of area. If you have another SIM, you can activate it, or we can send you one or they can be picked up in store!


Okay, thanks!  So just to double-check, I would have to put my SIM into another phone?

Correct! Just to see if you experience the same issues.


Just checking in to see if you were able to test the SIMs


Hi!  I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I've been struggling to find my old phone

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Hey just wanted to make sure we were able to get this resolved for you. Any chance you were able to test out your SIM card? Keep us posted with the results. Thanks!

Hi!  Sorry for not updating this sooner.  I was able to find my old phone the other day, but my current SIM card doesn't fit.

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Ah, okay. This is either something going on with your connection or the device. If we can test the SIM in another phone it'll fit in, that would be great. Do you have a friend or family member that'll let you borrow their phone for this little experiment?