Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat 7.0 update yesterday evening 3/21/17

Did anyone else get the update yesterday evening for Galaxy S7 edge???? If so what changed? I have no idea what is different but I know that every other major surprise for androids apparently happened also and sounds like it is going to CHANGE ALOT how we interact with our phones!        


I could also use some advice about this 7.0 Nougat that I am clueless about. If I end up doing a factory reset,,,?,,, does anyone have a clue how to {opt out} of using Google Samsung Cloud! I have been trying everything to not use that service but to no avail! That service requires a PC to do the backup and restore and I rarely have access to a PC! That is why I had used GOOGLE'S way of backup and restore for so long! I'm really aggravated with Samsung over this!

P. S.

Before I do a reset on this device I need to know exactly how to delete all phone settings and configure settings and I might as well just wipe it all. All I have as an app is basically Facebook anyway!  Out, delete it from my Google gmail acct so if my settings configuration is wrong I don't want to restore the wrong settings??????   

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I too just received the update notice on my phone. I want to know where I can look to see exactly what this update includes before I install it. Since the last update to Nougat removed some serious (to me) functionality on my Galaxy S7, I need to know IN DETAIL what this update includes. Especially if it has corrected some of the Nougat bugs. "Security improvements" means nothing to me. Please somebody post a link to some useful information.

I would also live to find out where that actual information is found! It seems to me,, even back before Nougat that the "monthly security and bug fixes" nearly had me kicking me out of my phone! I wish I was On Marshmallow again! Uggghhh!

Can somebody from T-Mobile respond to this thread with official information?  We need to know how this is actually going to change our phone.  The last update to Nougat last month was devastating to my brand new phone (2 months!), and I curse the day that I didn't wait to see what other users said about that update.  After many flashing and factory reset attempts, it still hasn't fixed all the problems that screwed up my phone.  I'm still waiting on my messages to get to me anywhere from 30mins to 4 hours late!  Totally unacceptable.  And yes, the Marshmallow interface was soooooooooooooooooooo much better than the Nougat which clearly had engineers design it instead of actual designers that think about what makes a good interface vs how many options i can cram into box. 

Still no answers! Huh well at this point I doubt we get one,. Needless to say now for some bizarre reason (this is a totally new occurrence) for some reason I can't figure out how to sync my Google gmail back to my phone.... I am completely logged in to my Google account even in the browser, but I can't get the acct sync to work with contact's and also now the Google Play Store app in settings all of a sudden says "UNCERTIFIED". I'm lost, I don't even know what to ask anymore! Smh, Samsung

Hi downright,

I think I have found some thing's {links} that you can at least reference about the latest updates for Galaxy S7 Edge that we recieved  "thru"  *TMobile,* FROM SAMSUNG! Let me be clear that I truly believe that the biggest problems are not  TMobile's fault. I have had 4 mobile phones in a 1 year time period and 3 of those Were Galaxy devices, also prior to the past year since 2012 when I came to Tmo I have only had Samsung Galaxy devices (with 2 weeks of a locked IPhone this past year being the only exception). With that being said I have had extensive contact With Samsung directly on almost weekly basis sometimes twice, and they were helpful to a degree::: but looking back at the whole mangled mess I'm still dealing with and knowing exactly what I was telling them I was having issues with I am throughly APPALLED that either no one there put 2 and 2 together or didn't care! I can't believe more people didn't have some of, if not all and more of the same problems I'm still dealing with! Uuuhhhhuuggggg

With that being said I don't know the rules about posting web links on this community thing but I have the links to Google's and   Samsung's official information pages where you can try and decipher their double speak with minimum actual specifics but I'm sure following the legal requirements of info given! So I don't. Want to inadvertently break some rule about this group thing, so if your still interested in the techno speak about the update leave me a message here and we can figure it out!



Sorry my phone Spell checked your user name  


This is T-mobiles fault since they push out Samsung's updates! Why doesn't T-mobile test these updates and report back to Samsung about how they're garbage. They should be our voice.

This is all I could gather on the update:

Version: Android version 7.0 Baseband version G935TUVS4BQC1

Enhancements: Various system improvements


Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Software Update G930TUVS4BQC1, G935TUVS4BQC1 for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic special editionsGalaxy S7 Edge Olympic special editions

T-Mobile is now rolling out a new software update G930TUVS4BQC1, G935TUVS4BQC1 for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge smartphones. The latest update is Android March security update.

The new security patch brings fixes for Vulnerabilities and Exposures in the Android OS. Also, the firmware update includes device stability improvements, bug fixes and further improvements for performance.

Software Update G930TUVS4BQC1, G935TUVS4BQC1 for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

  • Device Stability improvements, bug fixes.
  • New and/or enhanced features.
  • Further improvements to performance.

Software Update G930TUVS4BQC1, G935TUVS4BQC1 for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge is now available as OTA update. Users will receive the update notification. The update will gradually roll out to everyone. However, you can also check manually for updates, Go to Settings > About device > System update.

I understand what you mean about TMobile pushing them out regardless, but keep in mind that everyone gets impatient and blames TMobile when it takes so long to push Nougat 7.0. So they are kinda stuck in middle.. But I do know that I've been with Tmo since 2012 and WE have been the first to get all the big SOFTWARE Upgrades. As a matter of fact I'd say Tmo is the first carrier to push the big stuff to US eagerly waiting customers about 90% of the time. At least until this last Nougat 7.0.

But I know what u mean, also keep in mind that all Samsung is pushing to us at this point are small bug fixes to pacify us! "Because in all honesty they are onto their next" BIG THINGS " 1)S8 %S8+ 2) Bixby 3)$ 60,000,000,000.00 dollars they bought The Huge World Class Electronics Company!!!! Oh I can't remember the name of it. Anyway they are far too concerned or focused on becoming the Next Google (but over IOT {Internet of things} Smart Home crap to even care what the Galaxy S7 Edge or 7's do anyway! 

I'm serious when I tell you those dang monthly "improving the security of my phone updates SUCK!! AND Expecially now that I have disabled half the crap in this new Nougat, and still cant disable their native Email app!" Or that dam* Samsung Cloud Service that I don't want nor can I use it but I sure can't opt out and use Google like I always had before!!,        

Also I think theses small maintenance updates really have Way more to do with SSMSUNG:s RCS messaging that they are developing code their phones. And just so ya know that's going to be a nightmare too. Google is following certain guidelines for RCS, Samsung has their own ideas, and a few others are going in the general direction of what they are guessing will be a Final RCS! " but here's the funny part! NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE END SPECS ARE GOING TO BE!!

thanks for the lively discussion.  i'm not really blaming t-mobile, but just venting my frustration through this process, and hoping that t-mobile will respond with their ability to investigate some fairly simple requests; to make us happy customers.  I've already called Samsung support, and they were very very nice and polite and supportive, but totally useless because they didn't know either, and of course there was a big language barrier, so couldn't quite understand the extent of my problems... but that's not their fault either.  i just want someone who monitors the quality of these threads to respond so we know they're listening and will try their best to resolve our problems for the good of all others that are suffering the same problems but don't have time to call them directly, or to search every thread that mentions these problems on the internet.  But of course, that's what I've been doing...

Your welcome anytime, I've been dealing with this crap for over a year now also!! At this point i ready to go back to the days of the beeper! "! Or at least the old flip phones when 143 was a text message!!   

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Hey there.

Just checking in to get some clarification on the Samsung Cloud service. Were you still trying make sure your phone doesn't use it? Looking at the Samsung Cloud app, you'd need to sign in with your Samsung account in order to use that service so keeping from doing that should help if you didn't want to use the Samsung Cloud.

Actually when I called Tmo 2 or 3 days ago that is what I was told was to sigh out of my Samsung account on this phone, so of course I did, but the next morning it was back so I signed out and took that account off my phone again,,, but now my gmail/Google acct will not keep me logged in. I am logged in on the native browser and Google acct in settings is there but now under "back up / restore" it says there's no account to back up to! I have no idea what to do.. And I have this weird icon in my notification bar. I have never seen this symbol before. I will try to put it on here.

How can I post a pic on this message board from my mobile

Also now that I've signed out of the Samsung acct and have no support from Samsung how is that going to work with my stupid Samsung 60 in UHD TV. The dang TV and my phone (know) each other already I try to keep the TV off line because we have Cable hooked to it but my phone and the TV have used the same Home WiFi network.

I was wondering if you know how it will affect my home network "wifi", my cable provider, stupid Samsung UHD TV, and all the connections that have been made between all these products now that I have completely signed out of my Samsung acct. I tried to sign back into Samsung acct and it said it wasn't valid

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Hmm. I'd think that not signing into the Samsung account on the phone shouldn't impact the other Samsung devices or services. You mentioned that you couldn't stay logged into your Gmail. Does it let you sign in, then signs you out at some point? Or, does it not let you sign in at all? You should be able to post a picture in the thread by clicking the camera icon. From there, you should have an option to load an image.

And I have to show u one more.

Hang on I'll be back

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Is the weird icon you're talking about the one with the plus sign inside the circle?

Yes and I. Was told it was some data saver thing. Anyway it's gone now, eventually I just wasn't there anymore! It's just crazy that I stay in my home every day and Used to always use my home WiFi network when home and the just turned wifi off if I would go anywhere. I never use public WiFi and I have always had unlimited data on my plan but now I can use my WiFi at home because it has been a year and I can't seem to get all the accounts straightened out "without a pc" that I don't have available to me all the time. I'm almost positive that when I was I formed that I could not use my original Gmail address and to make a new one,,, {THAT WAS THE BEGGING OF THE END}. If I end up kicked out of this phone again y'all can have it back, I have wasted a year and still don't have a cell phone set up correctly. But I would rather have a cheap under. $300 phones I read about the other day!? Heck I would rather to have stayed in my old Galaxy S5 that I traded in December 2015. That's when I got my 1st 6 edge! Nightmare ever since.

Sorry about the rant there, and thanks so much for answering me back.

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I'm glad that icon is gone now. I checked on Data Saver and that sounds accurate. Samsung has these features on their phones but the trick part is sometimes is kinda tough to find exactly what icon is associated with this feature. The fact the it just magically disappeared is a strange mystery for me though. I do hope you're not kicked out of your phone again. Did you end up signing into a new Gmail account and are you testing that out at the moment?

All I can figure out about the vanishing data symbol is that it was at the end of my billing cycle and I had gotten the message about my data speed slow down if I went 2gh. more i would be throttled or whatever!. So I am assuming that's what happened, and as far as my Google/Gmail I can sign in check email, and surf the web, BUT,,,, I have very few apps and what I do have seems like they update and I have no clue how to access or install anything. But it all seems to circle back to Fb, Fb messager, Instagram, and a few others that TMobile ALWAYS USED to {prior to Dec 2015}.group into a social folder way back! Now I have completely given up on Twitter because I can't close any acct without a PC. Somehow I have 2 Instagram's and one of them is somehow weaved into my Facebook account! Idk!  I just try to browse incognito and kill the App for Facebook when I leave it. I don't know if that helps it can't hurt. That dang Fb messenger always pops up if someone messages me and it's not even set to sync my contacts but it always works!

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So, the plot thickens...(And gets stranger apparently 😕)

Let me get this straight, you have few apps on the phone and the ones that are there you can't access? Have they just vanished from the phone's app drawer or do you get some kind of error message when you try to open them?

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Hey just dropping by to see if you still needed help. Can you take a look at my previous post and let me know if I'm understanding what's going on? Thank you!