Galaxy S7 headphone doesn't work properly after oreo update

Hello Folks,


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that updated to Oreo a few days ago. I noticed that immediately after the update the headphones that came with the phone no longer work properly. They are the white headphones with a mic and three buttons.


Here are a list of issues that I've noticed since the Oreo update:


1. The mic will not work when answering a call

2. When listening to music/podcast the volume buttons do not work

3. When listening to music/podcast the pause button does not work


I've looked online at several forums and this seems to be a common occurrence but there's no definitive answer yet.

So far I've cleared the cache partitions, rebooted, partially inserted the headphone jack, etc. and nothing is working.


Anyone else have a cure? I'd rather not do a factory reset.

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Have you tested the headphones with another compatible device? Might be a good idea to test a different set of headphones with your S7 as well. Also, try flipping the phone over to Safe mode and see if volume and audio works better.

Hey Mike,

Yes, the headphones work fine with other devices. I actually contacted someone in T-Mobile customer service yesterday and they acknowledged this is a problem with the latest oreo update on S7 devices. After the CSR spoke with me he spoke with someone at Google and they are also aware of this and several issues with the update. The T-Mobile CSR called me back this morning saying that Google will make a patch/update to address these issues.

Thanks for replying!

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That's awesome news! Thanks for the reply and for doing the testing.