Galaxy S7: Plan phone # is different then the one in "my phone number"

I confirmed that my plan one is correct by texting myself, but it doesn't say that my plan phone # is me in group sms chats like it previously did. The phone thinks that my phone number is different than the one that my sim card and plan use. Any help?

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Create a contact for you in your contact list?

I tried doing that before but it didn't work

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Hey, @chickenwinggeek (best username ever)!

Welcome to our Support Community! It sounds like we may just need to reprovision your SIM card. Have you talked to Tech Support yet? If not, you can reach them by dialing 611 or going through T-Force via Facebook/Twitter to have this looked into. It's most likely something on our end that needs updated vs. a setting on your phone.

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Hi there!

Just checking to see if you still need some help. Please keep us posted on how things are going.