Galaxy S8 apps crashing - Android Webview problem but can't revert to prior version

  • 23 March 2021
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My wife’s Galaxy S8 all of a sudden starting having apps crash. I searched the Internet and there is some information about a known issue with Android Webview. The instructions say to revert to the prior version but there is no option to do this on her phone. It is showing Android Webview is currently disabled. Any thoughts on how to remedy to stop the apps from crashing? Thanks.

3 replies

While I don’t have a fix, I am having the exact same issues on my Galaxy Note 8. My Webview is disabled as well and I am unable to revert to the prior version. 

Hopefully, we will get some answers soon. I’m somewhat relieved that it’s a ‘known’ issue and not something with  my specific phone. 

Seeing the same thing here on my S10+ and my girlfriend's Moto. Started this afternoon. 

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It is a known issue affecting various Samsung models for all of North America.  Purely a lack of quality control on Samsung's part with no fix ready as of yet.