Galaxy S8+ Won't send texts on Apt Wifi

I can't figure this out so any help would be appreciated.

When I arrive at my apartment and it automatically connects to my wifi, which every device and even the internet on the S8+ works fine, 9 out of 10 times i am unable to send text messages. It just says failed to send no matter how many times.

Turn off wi-fi, wait a few minutes, then I can send it fine. I can then send fine AFTER doing that, even if on wifi.

Or if I reset the phone and stay on the wifi, i can send texts.

It is very strange but very annoying to do almost every time I come home. Thanks.


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Hmm. Do you always leave your Wi-Fi on even when there's no Wi-Fi network around? I suggest making a habit of restarting the phone once a day to see if that makes a difference. Also, try using a different Wi-Fi connection to see if the same thing happens.

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Hi there.

Just want to make sure this is resolved for you. If you haven't already, please test this on another Wi-Fi connection to see it's working without a restart. Thanks.

I don't seem to have this issue when connecting to other wifi connections - however, this is the one I connect to the most often of course as it is in my home and connects every time I arrive. Even this connection works when resetting, so I'm not sure how much of a test it really is to connect to a different network and see it working, but it seems to. Thanks.

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That test just helps us see if the issue follows your phone to another connection or if only happens on one connection. Can you try restarting your modem and router, then testing it a few times to see if the messages work better?

Hi, after resetting the modem and router, nothing has changed.

I even have a new S9+ via tmobile's promotion, but this issue continues.

It is for SMS messages. 9 out of 10 times it won't send while connected to wifi. It *will* work after I disconnect on the phone, wait, and then re connect to the wifi. This makes no sense to me, but is an issue to have to do this every time I go in and out of my apartment for basic text communication which is the vast majority of how I communicate.

Also, android has a messenger app that lets you send via browser, and it is an issue there as well.

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Just so I'm clear, you're using an S9+ now and this is still happening? Have you tested on another Wi-Fi connection other than your apartment's? If you have your Wi-Fi calling enabled, are you able to send messages more consistently?

Hi there, this is correct. It is no better now that I have an S9+ so it is not phone related.

I do have Wi-Fi calling enabled.

I have not experienced this with other Wifi networks, but of course I am not on them nearly as much as my apartment and may have not noticed it. But I don't recall every not being able to send a text except on my home.

If this can't be sorted, is there a way to tell the phone that the messenger app cannot use the wifi, and force it to send messages via the mobile network while i'm still connected?

any updates on this?

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My wife and I have S8+ phones and IMO most of these connection issues began with the release of Oreo.  I'ts not just text or MMS or anything else and I frankly got tired of reporting them.

There seems to be a serious issue changing between the use of the LTE/phone network connection and WiFi.  It just doesn't work reliably and nothing has been done to isolate and/or fix it.  This occurs in stores, coffee shops, and home.  It's not always EVERY attempt to switch a connection nor is it every use of the connection.  It truly seems semi-random but consistently there is something that just fails when you make a switch to a connection environment and that failure requires intervention up to and including a reboot.

If you're waiting for a fix, don't hold your breath.  T-Mob will eventually tell you it's an issue with Android and Samsung will tell you they don't know about/have never heard of the problem.......

In hindsight I'd have loved to leave my phone on Android 7.  Here's hoping that 9 is released to us soon and fixes many of these quirks without breaking everything else.

Very disappointing for a "flagship device".

Thanks for the reply, this is definitely accurate. It's not 100% of the time, but when I go somewhere and connect to WiFi, there's about a 70% chance I can't text until I disconnect wifi.

Disappointing that it isn't acknowledged, it has nothing to do with settings on the phone, it did this on a used S8 I got to try these phones and immediately continued on my brand new S9

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I don't see we're getting reports of folks having this kind of issue with texts on Wi-Fi. I'm also not seeing reports of issues with Wi-Fi either. Have tried changing the Wi-Fi preferences to Cellular Network Preferred to see if that makes a difference?

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As I said, I stopped reporting them months ago.  I believe I had 2-3 on top of the WiFi calling issues.  It was not a good use of my time to pursue any further as the result was "contact Samsung" and Samsung didn't give a rat's rear end 😊   All happened right after the Oreo release.

I know that most every S8/S8+ owner in my sphere of friends has the same issues.

PS - When I asked someone at TMob to ping Samsung they refused saying I'd have more influence than they would.

I have the exact same problem with my S8 active Samsung phone, I have been trying to solve the problem for several months and nothing seems to work.  When i walk into the house the phone connects to my wifi and 20% of the time it works and 80% it will not work.  No rhyme or reason, no changes to the settings fixes anything.  I think it must be something from my carrier, T-mobile, but I can never get anyone from the 2 companies to ever want to communicate with one another and it is too time consuming and nothing changes if I act as the ‘go between’.