Galaxy S9- Read Confirmation notice since last update

  • 13 November 2018
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I did the new update last night on my Galaxy S9 now when I open my texts it sends a pop up asking if I want to "turn on read confirmation" I DO NOT WANT TO! I have it off in settings. How can I stop this message?


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Thanks for the update. Yes, the last resort is generally a master reset when issues occur after a software update. Most times, that does the trick. We have passed along feedback about the latest Samsung update. If we receive any other recommended steps that haven't been mentioned in this thread to clear the read notification option, we'll be sure to share them here.

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42 replies

Nice reminder for the feature but wish there was a checkbox "do not show this message again" on the pop-up.... that's like standard code they left out!  Anyway, here's how I fixed it:

  • Since it only happens on new messages, have someone send a test text or text yourself
  • When you get the pop-up, click the "Turn On" option
  • Then go to Settings > Chat Settings > Read Receipts and Turn it off AGAIN 😊
  • Send another test text and it shouldn't give you that pop-up again!

UPDATE: You have to do the same steps above when Composing a New Message. It popped up again when I went to send a New Message. Hope that's the last time!   

This is a copy paste from T Mobile Support.  It fixed this issue for me immediately.

You will need to clear the data out of the messaging application. No worries though, this does not delete any of your information.

Here are the steps:

From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap Settings > Apps . Tap the desired application in the default list. To display preinstalled apps, tap Menu > Show system app s. Tap Storage > CLEAR CACHE > CLEAR DATA > DELETE

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Happy Friday, @mrsjhmaroney2017​!

You have two helpful suggestions here. Did either of them work for you? 😊

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It's me again! Just checking in one last time to see if you were able to make the read confirmation disappear and if so what steps did you take.

Keep us posted!

I've tried both suggestions and neither one worked. This is also being reported by other Galaxy S9 T-Mobile users on another forum. It's related to the latest update.

My solution: "Turn On then turn Off" only works on messages from prior contacts.  When you get a message from a new contact or contact you haven't recently texed with, it asks again. Sigh.

I DID delete the Cache. Didn't work to fix the Read Receipt pop up.

I DID NOT delete the DATA - I believe that WILL get rid of my messages contrary to what is written above. The Data storage is a very high amount so I can't imagine that if delete it, my messages will remain. I search my messages often references information so I don't want to delete all of them.

I had this fear as well, but my messages remained.  I was in a chat with a Tmobile staffer and asked her for confirmation before I did it.  For 1 second, all my messages were gone, but then they all appeared.  I assume it was just a visual thing.  Anyway, my messages are fine.

Go with your heart, or back up your stuff.  But the process worked for me.

I honestly can't stress enough how helpful the Chat was.  I spent more time logging into my tmobile account than they did fixing my problem.  It was awesome.

That's good to hear, but I just tried the suggested fixes again and neither one worked for me. No, you won't lose your messages if you delete both the data and the cache.

I tried all of the suggestions also. This is so irritating. I hate the message and I am not turning it on. There has to be another way to get this message to stop!

It appears this is a t mobile issue? Please fix it fast. I do not want to switch to verizon 😥 but its that irritating.

I agree. This is the most insanely annoying thing. I'm considering switching my entire family to Verizon. At best this is very unprofessional and amateurish that they didn't know this would happen, at worst, they planned this.

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Hey, @vital04 and @wardbomber​!

I'm bummed to hear that you're also having issues with the read confirmation pop-ups. I'm sure it's not convenient to deal with by any means. I'm not sure how switching services will help as this is an issue with the Android software, but we'd like to work with you to get this solved. If you've already tried all of the above recommendations, we'd like you to try completing a master reset on your phone. Some users shy away from this option because in the past it wasn't as simple to back up and restore all of your saved data. Please give it a shot (make sure to back up your info) then try turning off the read confirmation option.

Well, I've been with T-Mobile for over 10 years and, although I'm not happy about this situation  I'm not jumping ship. And, unless someone performs a master reset and confirms that it's the  fix, I'm not doing that either. It's still not as simple as you make it seem, and it seems like overkill without a guarantee that it will work.

This seems to be an issue between the stock Samsung messaging app and the recent update. I installed Google's messaging app and I'm not getting the pop up.

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Thanks for the update, @mep​.

I'm curious for those still having issues -- are you using a T-Mobile owned S9 or unlocked S9? Can you also confirm the software version? I'm going to see if there's anything else we can do to get these pesky notices to go away.

I own my phone but it's  still locked. Android 8.0. Thank you.

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Thanks for that info. This could be something that'll need to be updated with the Samsung Messaging app. Have you gotten any notification for an update on that app or can you check to see if there's an update for it?

There have been no recent updates to the messaging app, nor are any currently available.

Mine started doing it immediately after the update from Samsung. It does it on new contacts as well as old contacts every time. Android 8.0. And t mobiles go to response for everything is always factory reset. Something in the update that Samsung did is the problem.

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Thanks for the update. Yes, the last resort is generally a master reset when issues occur after a software update. Most times, that does the trick. We have passed along feedback about the latest Samsung update. If we receive any other recommended steps that haven't been mentioned in this thread to clear the read notification option, we'll be sure to share them here.

I just tried the suggested fix for this issue by clearing my data and cache in the messaging app.  After doing this, I went into the Settings > Chat Settings of the Messages app, and I noticed that the "Send read receipt" was turned on as well as the "Share typing indications."  When I turned those both off again and went into a new message, I still got the prompt about sending a read receipt.  I'm suggesting that for those of you that this action cleared up your problem, it may be because you actually activated the read response rather than just getting it to quit asking if you wanted to send it.  This problem is so obnoxious.

T-Mobile!!! Please help with this issue!

I've done all these "fixes" and more; I haven't done a master reset or reset of my personalized settings since this makes no sense to me. None of the suggested fixes work! If I have to reset my entire phone to fix what is so clearly a software update issue, I'm with those above in considering moving my LONG-TIME loyalty to Verizon. I don't want to do this. I want to stay with T-Mobile. I want to keep using an Android phone. I want to keep using a Samsung phone. I have already spent an hour on the phone with Customer Care. I don't want to spend hours resetting up my phone! My children would like me to switch to an iPhone, but I have stayed with Android because I love the flexibility. It feels like the latest updates are taking away that flexibility. In the past month, I have also had updates to my photo and calendar apps change my settings, etc.; such a pain!

Are you listening T-Mobile!!! Please fix this issue!

I have a Note 9 and after the last Samsung update I started getting the same turn on read confirmation and no matter how many times I hit cancel it doesn't stop the pop up window from coming up again. I spent 2 hours troubleshooting with T-Mobile and then Samsung Tech Experts with no avail. I performed a master reset and it did nothing to fix the pop up issue. All I know is my phone worked perfectly before the last update. Why are only some of the S9's and Note 9's affected? When will a fix be put out?

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Okay.  I have done a bit of testing with my Note 9.  This issue is specific to N960USQS1ARK1.  When flasing back with a full wipe to the previous buuld, no issue.  Flashing the full 1ARK1 image also brings the issue back.  Flashing to the latest U1 build, no issue.  A factory reset makes absoluty no difference.

Thank you. How do I flash back to the previous build?