Galaxy Tab S4?


It has been a LONG while since I have seen T-mo carry a decent Samsung tablet (i think S2 was the last?).

They skipped the S3, but I saw a couple of 3rd party articles saying they might carry the new S4.  Can this be confirmed?

I have the OG Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and it is showing it's age (still runs vids like a champ) but I would REALLY love to upgrade to the S4.

And no, I will NOT use an ipad.




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I want to know the same thing.  I will buy it day one of its available on T-Mobile.  The android tablet selection for T-Mobile is terrible

I would like to know too.  I chatted with a customer rep before saying that it's possible that T-Mo would carry this tablet when it gets released but so far no announcements.  I want to know if I should continue waiting or move on to something else.

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I am not seeing anything internally at this time but you can keep an eye on our newsroom for all the latest.

i would be pretty shocked if tmo got this. tmo gets bottom of the barrel devices when it comes to android. this is too high end for them.

Just came from the Verizon store and decided to let September play out with TMO on getting S4. In  preparation I paid off all TMO hardware and filled out forms to port 6 lines Verizon. Been with TMO now for 10 years but have watched hardware fall to lower priorities as each year the Sprint TMO talks happen (which will be huge mistake... Sprint ~ Nextel part 2, but this time it will be bad for TMO and it's customer base).

TMO has shifted away from what brought it back and now is focused on too many other things (tv)

I just ordered an international unlocked Tab S4 (6Gig Ram, 256Gb Internal Storage, access to all the LTE Bands on Ebay (Model SM-T835).  Better specs than you can get in the US and works like a charm on T-Mobile network.  (Confirmed by owner in NYC.) 

whoa, i thought that would only have korea bands. do you have a link to your ebay purchase?

dang is that the one for $1045?

it's irritating. one plus to tmo? great a mid range phone! att/verizon always gets exclusives, and tmo ends up never carrying them. look at the abysmal android tablet selection. not even mid range, straight bottom of the rung budget devices.

$960.  It lists all the bands.  There is an error on the description.  It says "4Gb RAM", but I confirmed with the seller that it is 6Gb.  Here it is on the Samsung site:

If ya think about the price, an LTE version is about $750.  The difference between the WiFi 64Gb and 256Gb versions is about $100, which would bring the LTE version to $850.  Then you add in cost for the extra RAM and the convenience of being unlocked and having all the bands, and it isn't unreasonable.  It is pricey, yes, but the Galaxy Tab S4 IS expensive to begin with.

do you have a link to the auction?

Here:  Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5"-Black-256G Wi-Fi+4G LTE(Unlocked) 4K Record SM-T835 | eBay


As a T-Mobile Customer, it is becoming annoying that Verizon gets new devices first. Second, Looking at Samsung's website, the Verizon (LTE) version is only the 64GB version.

If T-Mobile only offers the 64GB version, then I may decide to cancel service. Samsung manufactures these devices and T-Mobile should be able to get the 256GB LTE versions in stock for customers that wan't them. before suggesting putting a memory card in the 64GB version. The idea is to have the 256GB version with a 400GB card installed.

Hi Woo and T-Mo

I am so much in agreement, T-Mo should have better options other than the crapple which I bought thinking it would work for me until I see the likes of the Tab S4, MS Surface, Acer, HP or even Lenovo tablets on T-Mobiles website.

I ended up selling the iPad after struggling with constant work a rounds and its lack of being productive. Please T-Mo we need better tablets please.

I agree we definitely need better android tablets not every one is a fan of apple! I checked into verizon as well...thinking about taking the plunge.

So my cats broke my Tab S2.  "Assuare" cannot replace it because they don't have any in their pile of trash. So they tell me to go buy a replacement tablet of my choice and they will pay up to $600 minus the deductible. But the receipt has to have the kitchen sink and blood from my first born child.  T-Mobile only sells low end garbage in tablets. Verizon has the s4 I want.  Do I: 1.  pay off "thmob" and take my 5 lines elsewhere; 2. Buy the Verizon Tab S4 and hope I can unlock it;  3. Buy the Korean International version and have "Assuare" exploding heads when they get their parties in a wad because it came from the dam factory. 4. Buy another S2 and don't bother with a claim since it's about the same price as the deductible. 

Well, Doing a search on the FCC website showed that A3LSMT837T passed 3 days ago. If that's not the T Mobile Tab S4 than I'd like to know what it is. BTW I'd be grabbing this the second it hits.


I already have one from Korea. AMAZING!

You're right, you should grab one.

I would have started an account at Verizon if I hadn't gotten an unlocked

256 from Korea.

Your tablet department needs work!

Thanx Castle,

I'll be grabbing one myself. Thanx for the heads up, only hope it is for real though.

I'm already using mine. Got the book cover keyboard too. And it is


Ebay. For real.

Can't wait for you to get one. You will love it. I've just barely started

learning it.

Tmobile will be finally launching it sometime this month. Hopefully some good deals on it.

Where did you hear this info?

@ drothecool,

Where did you see or hear of this? I literally call everyday asking and trolling the website and I have not seen nor have I heard any good news or anything close to what you are suggesting.

Here is your link.  Just announced today, will be in stores Friday. Sweet Deals for the Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy Tab S4, New Arrivals at the Un-carrier | T-Mobile Newsroom

Okay, kewl and thanx however I found another announcement from google news feed earlier.