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As the title says I am getting duplicate messages to my galaxy watch. When im connected to bluetooth everything works fine, texts sync properly when read on one device. However whenever i disconnect from my phone and switch to LTE i get every text ever all pver again. Literally 1000's. You would think the solution would be to leave lte on all the time? Wrong. When i leave lte on all the time then my watch and phone dont sync! If i read the text on my watch it wont update ththe phone anand vice versa. The point of the watch is to be able for the phone and watch to sync AND to leave your phone behind. Ive read dozens of users experienceing the same problem whats the fix tmoble? Ps this isnt an issue with the apple watch lte


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Just wanted to send an update your way that I still don't have any news. However, I requested another update today. I'm sorry for the delay but please know I'm doing my best to get you answers.

I returned my device yesterday.  Couldn't risk being the guy that knew the was a problem but waited too long to do anything about it.  Hope you guys figure it out.

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I totally understand, @antuus​!

For everyone else, I received a reply back that Samsung is going to need to take a deeper dive into this. They also wanted to know if the latest update made any other improvements to the duplicate messages being received.

The latest update didnt appear to do anything to help duplicate messages.  It seems to be just as bad as it was previously.

Same here, the update did not help getting duplicate messages when switching from BT connection between the watch and phone to standalone.

I am very interested to hear if this problem exists on the AT&T or Verizon systems, or if it is specific to T-Mobile/DIGITS.

Hello, I am having the same issues once my phone and watch are not connected via bluetooth. I copied the following settings:

Under the watch Settings/Connections:

     Bluetooth: Off

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Networks: Always on

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Data: On

     Mobile Networks/Data Roaming: On

     Mobile Networks/Network Mode: LTE/3G (auto connect)

     Wi-Fi: Off

     NFC: Off

Let's see what this does. I just did it, its 12:16pm and I am at 86%. Let's see what happens by the time I go to bed.

Amanda, I haven't had the issue with the duplicate messages since the Samsung rep set my watch up. (The settings are above in one of my posts) The battery issue is better than the last watch lasting about 15 hours average not 3 hours. I'm assuming this watch came with the update because I have no updates available.

I have a post above how the samsung rep set up my second watch and it does help with the duplicate message problem. I am getting 15-16 hours average, maybe a little more. Mine is the 42mm. I have 6 hours 37 min 27 seconds since last full charge and I'm at 78%.

No it didn't Amanda.

I switched my settings to match yours right now Dupsla..hopefully that works better. about 1 hr has passed since I tried the previous settings and my watch is down to 77%. Almost 10% batter drained in a little over 1 hr.. that's crazy!!

after changing the settings to @dupsla 's suggestion.. my battery was at 5% at midnight. Which means it lasted me about 17 hrs. i was getting the text messages on both my phone and watch, however, if i read my messages on my phone it didn't mark them as read on my watch and if I read them on my watch, it didnt mark then as read on my phone. Kind of annoying.

Just want to be clear that an it's not an acceptable fix for this issue to simply turn on mobile networks always on.  I think that suggestion came from a user not an admin but want to make sure this thread doesnt derail bc of it.  That setting kills battery life from 3 days 2 nights down to less than 24 hours and doesnt actually fix the issue.  We need to be able to use "automatic" mobile settings, connect via bluetooth when in range, and not get duplicate messages when out of range. 

It's been weeks since this thread was made and it's a fairly well known issue that has existed since release, surely theres an update to be had?

Thank you for your time,

The settings I posted was at the recommendation of the Samsung rep when I got my replacement. I was just putting out there what he recommended.  I understand it's a quick fix and does need to be followed up on.

Mine does the same thing. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

After about a little over a week of having the replacement mine has leveled out to about 5% an hour.

Sorry I didnt mean to come off rude to you I just wanted to make sure they didnt take this as a solution 😊

Not at all! I got what you were saying. 😊

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You're right, @magenta6596678​, this isn't a permanent solution. That's what I'm working on with the internal Samsung partners. Trust me....I'm being a squeaky wheel and doing my best to get everyone answers ASAP.

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It's me again! I'm super sorry for the repetitive posts, but I want you guys to know that I'm staying on top of this. I don't have any updates as of yet but we also just returned from a long weekend so other parties that I'm working with may not have had the chance to reply back to me. I'll update you as I have more info. If you have notice any changes in how your Watch is functioning battery-wise or duplicate message-wise, please let me know.

Is it possible to pursue a solution with the DIGITS team as well? While connected to LTE, I'm getting messages on both my phone and watch (a good thing, as they are not being delayed in delivery) but messages don't synchronize as being read across devices. I'm thinking this involves DIGITS as the DIGITS app on an iPad and Win10 computer shows the same behavior.

We look forward to a solution to this problem!

Me, my wife, and my sister in law are all having this issue with our watches. I wish I had known about this issue sooner as it would have been a deal breaker for me and I am past the window for a return. Our household has now spent ~$800 on two of these watches and only recently did I discover this problem, as I'm usually on BT.

I acknowledge that the always on LTE/Disable Bluetooth settings do fix the flood of notifications issue, but it still duplicates the notifications on both phone and watch which is almost as annoying. As mentioned above, I also do not accept this as a solution.

If this issue isn't resolved, what are my options as a customer past the 14 day mark? Just sell the watch privately? I don't think that's fair since this is a defect in the software/system and not just because "I changed my mind". Reading about all these returns makes me regret my purchase.

I'll echo this. I have the watch and I have the same problem. Past the 14 days, what options are we given?

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Great call out, @magenta6238774​! The Samsung team is also already working with the DIGITS team to determine if that's the underlying issue. Unfortunately, I do not have any updates at this time. They're currently going back and forth trying to find a permanent solution that also doesn't drain the Watch battery.

For those asking if there are any options to return the device outside of the buyer's remorse period - currently, we do not have any update to extend the buyer's remorse period for the Galaxy Watch. If that changes, I'll most definitely update this thread. I have passed the request along but cannot make any promises that the return period will be changed.

It's either a defect with the watch software or defect with T Mobile digits.  Either way we should be credited since it is not working as designed.  It's been two months. 

Just picked up a 46 and a 42 and immediately noticed the same issue. Additionally, group messages sometimes come in as separate messages from each sender. In some cases appearing in both the group thread and separately, other times in only one or the other. I'm assuming that happened when the watch switched between Bluetooth/LTE. An under 2 day battery life would be a dealbreaker for me too. Any update on this? I now have 6 days left to decide!