Galaxy Watch LTE paring with Non-Samsung Phone

  • 5 October 2018
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Hi, I am getting no definitive help from anyone. I got a Galaxy Watch (42mm) a few months ago and has been trying to activate the mobile network so it could connect with my LG V30. I just want to know if it is possible because I could not find any information. I made sure it was on the right plan, reset the watch a lot of times, and even reinstalled the applications.

5 replies

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It's definitely possible, and please don't be offput by the length of the instructions for I am thorough and long winded.  The whole process takes about 10 minutes as long as you have everything required.

To start, if you haven't already, get a T-Mobile ID (by logging in to and setting up your online account) to make managing DIGITS easier, make sure that you have a PAH (primary account holder) indicator on one of the lines on the account or else DIGITS won't work properly.

Next, you must enable Multiple Line Settings on your phone line.  Log in to, click Profile (upper right), Multiple Devices, select your phone number from the drop down box, then turn on the switch to activate multiple line settings.  This allows your phone number to be shared with the watch.

Do you have a line of service set up for the watch already?  If it is not a Data with Paired DIGITS, it will need to be migrated over.  You will need to reach out to 611, Messaging, or T-Force to do this.

If you do already have a Data with Paired DIGITS line, make sure it is paired to your mobile line.  Do this by logging in to the DIGITS portal, select the DIGITS line, under Paired DIGITS, select the desired primary line and click Save.

Ready for the fun part?

If you already use a Galaxy S6 or higher, awesome! This will be a smidge easier for you!  If you do not, bum one from a friend.  (The store may be able to help you here if you don't know anyone with a compatible device, be sure to take these instructions along to the store).

What you'll need:

Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy S6 or later for initializing the network, SIM card for use on primary phone line

WiFi Network connection

EID Number or eSIM (can be found on watch box or by navigating to Settings>About Watch>Device Information)

Connect both devices to WiFi network; for the watch, this can be found at Settings>Connections>WiFi

Activate eSIM or EID, you will need to be with care for this step.  Call 611, use the Message Us link, or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

Pair watch and Galaxy phone via Bluetooth.

The app should take you through a network setup for the watch.  It will ask you to verify the PAH's last 4 digits of SSN.  If you have a DIGITS line, select Already have a wearable plan. (If you activated the EID, you should have one now)

After the watch has rebooted and shows service, remove the user’s SIM from the Galaxy phone and place back in actual phone.

Open the Wearable app on the regular phone and pair to watch using Bluetooth. (Alternatively, you can go on the watch to Settings>Connect to New Phone)

DO NOT PANIC.  The watch will show “Resetting”.  It is only removing the Galaxy phone information and the network activation will still be fine!

The LTE is now activated.  You can turn off Bluetooth and the watch and device will still be connected through DIGITS!  Now you can make and receive calls and texts to your watch, even when you aren't near your phone!

Again, I know it's a lot but it's the only way to get the LTE going on a non-Samsung device. Let us know how it goes!

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From what I've gathered, you'd need to have a compatible device in order to use the cellular service. If you're looking to use the LG V30 with Bluetooth, it should work just fine.


the only and the best way if the following and there no other way so don’t waste your time.

Connect your galaxy watch to a galaxy phone them backup your watch and turn off the cell home after that down load the wearable fro Samsung on your phone that you want your watch and then install with the Bluetooth and wifi whe it ask you for a plan choose the save save plan and enter your Samsung account and the app will do the rest. 

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this is all so pitiful.  Im sorry but getting a SSwatch4 activated is still not clear and easy.  But it is doable.  It took me and a rep (2nd tier) about 30-45 minutes.  But it is working now,,, if I could only understand if I need to leave the phone it is piggybacking on, at home and turned On ?  Seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about these devices and the reps are not always forthcoming in their answers.  Come on, T-m0, give us the straight dope, clearly stated, the first time. Please.

The best and only real way to do it is as Magenta techie said. You’re gonna need to borrow a Samsung galaxy phone that is an s6 or later. I had this problem but I have an iPhone 13. The local T-Mobile store was not willing to help me. They said that they would not be able to. They said that Samsung galaxy watches are only compatible with Samsung phones. That is true for the latest Samsung galaxy watch4 but 3 and earlier is still “compatible” with any device. Unfortunately, it will only pair via Bluetooth if you do not set up the LTE through a Samsung phone. Because my local store was unable or unwilling to help me, I decided to just buy a Samsung galaxy phone really cheap on Amazon. It took a couple days to get here but once it did, it took about 30 mins to get everything set up. You just put your sim in the Samsung phone, download the galaxy wearable app and pair the watch with the Samsung phone. Then it asks you to set up your mobile plan. If you already have the plan set up with T-Mobile then you select use T-Mobile plan. From there it pretty much does everything on its own. After you get it working, you will have to put your sim back in your regular phone and remove the Samsung wearable app from the Samsung phone if it’s borrowed. If you had to do it like me, wipe the phone and return it. Then on your regular phone you have to go to your Bluetooth settings and unpair and forget the connection between your phone and watch. Go to the wearable app on your phone and on the top right corner there should be the three dot menu selector. Open it and even though you see the galaxy watch there on the list, select connect/pair to a new device. On the watch, you need to go to the settings and scroll all the way down to pair to a new device. It will warn you that doing so will reset the watch. As magenta techie pointed out, it will not forget the LTE settings, just the phone pairing. It will take about 5 minutes to reset once you select that option. Once it shows you the yellow circle with the white arrow then it’s ready to pair again to the new device. Back on your phone, select the option to connect to a new device. This will only work if you have already unpaired and had your phone forget the BT connection it previously had with the watch. It’s like it has to start off fresh. The phone will see the device. Select it. It will warn you that to connect to it, it will have to disconnect from the previous device. Select ok. Immediately it should ask to pair and after that it’s all history and self explanatory. Once you have the watch set up this way, you never have to worry about it again if you switch to another nonsamsung phone.