Galaxy z flip3 5g sim

  • 8 October 2021
  • 2 replies


How do I transfer my data from my Samsung s8+ to my Z Flip 3 5g since it does not come with a sim out the box.

2 replies

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Pretty much the same way you’d transfer your data if it did come with a SIM. I assume you can move your current SIM to the new phone. Additionally most Android phones now come with a data transfer/setup app where you pair your old phone and new phone and the data gets copied from the old one to the new one. Now, if your old phone was an iPhone, I’m not sure how you handle that.

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same way. last few devices i have switched to have given me an option between transferring all my info to an Android phone or Apple.


last 4 phones have been LG so not sure if its an Android thing or possibly a LG only thing..thinking its an Android thing though.