• 28 April 2022
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What's a good phone for gaming 

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Most good gaming phones aren't sold BY Tmobile like the Asus phone line. @syaoran may have a better idea of what 3rd party phones play well on Tmobile.

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Asus’ ROG 5’s works very well on T-Mobile.  I wish the Xiaomi Black Shark’s were more T-Mobile friendly though for 5G.  They work, just not as well as the Asus model due to band compatibility.  Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for in a gaming phone.  Performance in games, you might want to consider Xiaomi because their devices run a lot cooler than the competition while maintaining their peak performance.  If you want a better 5G experience, I would go with one the ROG 5’s.  If you want to use the device very long term, the ROG 5s with 18GB of RAM stands out. 

Anything else, I wouldn’t really consider outside of the non-gaming focused devices sold by T-Mobile.  Most flagship devices will perform well in games.  Just look for devices without heavily skinned and bloated UI’s.  


I can also confirm the ROG phone 5s works well on T-Mobile. 4g lte, and 5g work with strong reception. Voice over LTE works. To get visual voicemail I had to download T-Mobile app, it was not available in default dialer.


Only thing that is not working is wifi calling.