Gear s3 getting random voicemails???

  • 4 November 2017
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Since I bought my gear s3, i have been getting random voicemails.  I know it has its own phone number, and that's what is being called.  They are all telemarketers and leaving lengthy 4-7min voicemails.  I'm getting tired of this and want to stop it.  Is there anyway I can turn off the voicemail feature on the watch for that specific line?  I have never had a need for it and always have my phone.  I'm just tired of the random notifications that I have 7 new voicemails that are not from my main number. 

9 replies

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Oh man, I know that's annoying. It happened to me when I originally got my number way back when. I don't see that there's a way to disable voicemail messages for a specific number. Are the messages coming from an automated system or a person? If it is a person, it could be that they'll just need to be updated that the number no longer belongs to that person.

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Hey there! Just checking in to see how things are going. Were you able to identify these voicemails and ask them to stop? We may need to look into a mobile number change for you if you continue to receive these calls. There is usually a fee for a mobile number change but in this scenario, we would waive it.

Hey guys.  No they have not stopped at all, and actually I just got another one about a hour ago.  I'l have to look into changing the number.  I actually received a call on the watch itself over the weekend Saturday from a damn moving company and when I explained to the lady, who swore it was me, that she called my watch, and not my phone, she didn't seem to believe I wasn' the one calling.  I'l have to get to a store sometime in the near future and get this fixed.  I also have a couple more questions about the device and am not sure should I start a discussion for each or just ask them here?  Thanks again guys!!

Oh and I forgot to add, these are 99% robo calls and telemarketers.  Someimes it' just dead silence. 

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I think a number change is gonna be the best bet here haha. You don't actually need to visit a store for that though 😊 You can contact us and our care team can get that done for you. What other questions did you have?

Is there anyway I can possibly turn off the exercise alerts?  Meaning when I'm not doing anything, it doesn't alert me and tell me to get moving or when I'm driving my stick shift car, it doesn' alert me saying keep it going, thinking I'm exercising. It' really really annoying, especially when I'm driving my car and it alerts me, I thibk someone is either texting me or such.

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LOL! My Apple watch does the same thing. Short of disabling the fitness app altogether, there is not going to be a way to snooze the alerts during specific times when you really don't want to get up or convince the watch that you are just driving and not pumping iron. 

It appears that this is the way the app was designed. What I could come up with is this.

Find the S Health icon in the app deck, and tap it. By scrolling the bezel or swiping the screen, go to the Settings card (all the way to the right) and tap on it. In the menu that appears, disable the nudges or notifications you don't want to see. Once you're done, hit the home button to return to your watch face.

It. Sounds like it turns back on and resets itself after a while. Meaning your only option is above.

When I signed out of my Samsung account in this cellphone it despatched a cancelation e mail. So when I try and sign returned in it keeps pronouncing that the credentials I entered are invalid! I know that the Gmail address is correct and additionally the password, see here demo. Is there some reason that signing out of that account deleted it or something? If so that become certainly not noted at the same time as I turned into signing out??