Getting the USB cable working between a Mac and a Concord Model ZTE V768 phone

  • 16 January 2013
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How to get the USB cable working on a Mac, so you don't just get

"The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"

when you plug the USB cable in on your new phone!


This describes a T-mobile Concord Model ZTE V768 phone-

purchased in Dec 2012, the firmware update completed Jan 15, 2013.

We had to update the firmware to:

Kernel version- zte-kernel@droid#6 (was #1 when bought).

The worst part for a newbie is just learning to drive a smartphone!


To avoid data charges, use Wifi connected the internet- Hit:

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi settings -> Available Networks

(Pick a network you have the password for, enter the password,

skip the nickname and hit connect)

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi =ON (connected to that network)

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile Networks -> Data Enabled =OFF

To get the Firmware update,

Hit Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update -> Check for Update

The Update will come thru as a "Notification", to view these, Hit:

Menu Key (bottom left button) -> Notifications...
Somehow the phone downloads the whole update,

probably over Wifi, since the we were careful to allow the
data to transfer only thru Wifi-
the update download seems to have been accomplished without
the T-mobile prepaid balance using any $$ or minutes(!)

To note the old version before installing- Hit

Settings -> about phone  in this case, it was:
Android verion- 2.3.7 (gingerbread)
Baseband version- PascalIIB01.V0.0.1
Kernel version- zte-kernel@droid#1
Build number-V768V1.0.0B08


To install the update, Hit Menu -> Notifications -> Firmware message

(all the following take a few minutes & have progress thermometers)

1. auto-reboot- verify (download OK?)
2. auto-reboot- unpack comic
3. auto-reboot- update- successful!
4. auto-reboot- comes up! Done.


New version of Firmware has following rev numbers:
Android verion- 2.3.7 gingerbread (same)
Baseband version- PascalIIB01.V0.0.1 (same)
Kernel version- zte-kernel@droid#6 (was #1)
Build number-V768V1.0.0B19 (was V768V1.0.0B08)
Check for update... uptodate!


To get the USB cable going, first go to
Settings -> Applications -> Development
To turn on USB debugging (debug mode when usb connected)
After plugging in the USB cable,
Hit Menu——Notifications——USB connected, then
hit "Turn on USB storage device" to enter into U disk mode.

First time USB is plugged in- Mac mounts a USB_Driver disk that has
Mac/Linux/Windows folders with drivers that can be installed,

I didn't install them, it turned out I could connect without drivers.

If you eject the USB_Drivers and turn off USB Storage on the phone,
then turn USB Storage back on and wait long enough (45 sec?-not quick),
the USB Simm will mount as "NO NAME" on the mac,
and you can drag songs from itunes to "NO_NAME",
where they will be copied to the top level.
After you are done adding songs, eject "NO NAME", and
the "Play Music" app will find the songs and can play them!


5 replies

Hi. I see from your post that you were able to update the firmware manually. I was told by support that the update was going to be via an OTA rollout based on IMEI number. Did you happen to get a notification that the upgrade was available first? I'm just curious as whenever I try to manually update I get an error that the download failed. Instantly when connected via wifi or after about a half hour when connected to the mobile network. Thanks!

Congrats-- Looks like you got it going by resetting the phone-

was that thru the   Menu > Settings....  ?

This is related to the post  Upgrading to V768V1.0.0B19

Jan 22, 2013 6:29 AM (in response to snallygaster)

Correct AnswerRe: Upgrading to V768V1.0.0B19

Well, it would appear that support was wrong.

I reset my phone yesterday in order to change my primary Google account.

Afterward, I went to

   Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for update.

It found the update and I applied it.

Less than 5 minutes later I had the latest version of the firmware.

Funny though, that even after removing several apps

I had the same amount of space, no more.

I've so far reinstalled my apps and moved them to the SD card.

I did download Facebook, but this was installed to internal memory with

no option to move it to the SD card so I uninstalled it.

It would be nice if they would give you the option to move facebook to the SD card.

Another thing I was told was that Docs to Go would not be able to be reinstalled, but

I was able to and it gave me the option to move it to SD card.

I haven't tried installing Telenav yet. I wonder if that has a move to SD card option.

Yeah. After the reset I went through Menu > Settings and was able to run the update just fine. Afterwards, before I updated or installed any apps I did it again and it instantly returned, "The firmware is up to date". I tried again after installing apps and updating existing apps and it returned "Network Error. Download failed". It would appear that it will not update if you install any apps or update the existing apps. Go figure.

your instructions for getting the update by wifi worked great. 

You have more choices to connect Android phone with Mac wirelessly. Try Web PC Suite or Airdroid on your phone;then scan a QR code on your pc. Now the tw devices are connected; you can transfer files via Wifi.