Google Applications / Play Store not working over Cellular Data

  • 2 April 2021
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This has been an ongoing issue for my wife. She just received her 4th Samsung S21 Ultra and we’re having the same issue we’ve had with the last 3, regardless of what we do, she cannot download applications from the Play Store while on Cellular Data, and YouTube does not work (also while on cellular data).

We had the phone replaced once by T-Mobile and then we returned it and purchased directly from Samsung, they’ve replaced it 2 times thinking it was the phone, clearly it’s not the phone.

Here’s how I know it’s not the device, I can put my SIM card in it and it works just fine. I can also put an AT&T SIM card in it, and it works just fine.

We’re on the Magenta Max plan, I’ve gone into a store multiple times, gotten new SIM cards, they’re done “things” to the account, but every time they always say it’s the phone, completely ignoring the fact that it’s the 4th phone and other accounts/lines work just fine on it. The same goes for Technical Support at 611, they refuse to listen and blame the phone.

Everything else works on the phone, we can make phone calls, text messages, MMS, web browsing works, every other internet enabled app work just fine, just nothing with Google and/or downloading apps. 

The phone she had before was an iPhone. I can put her SIM card back into the iPhone, and it works like it belongs there. But as soon as I stick it in the S21 Ultra, no dice.

I’m at a loss, the only other thing I can think of is moving her back over to AT&T. What’s the point in having a phone if it’s not going to work 100% and no one wants to actually do anything to help.

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