Google Says Wi-Fi Calling Works on Nexus 5!

  • 24 September 2014
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According to Google, the Nexus 4 and 5 phones are very capable of Wi-Fi calling, but the feature must be supported by the carrier. That means this is ON YOU to fix. Stop blaming the device, and start supporting it.

3 replies

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Internet Calling is not what T-Mobile calls WiFi Calling.

T-Mobile's WiFi Calling needs OS hooks to access the SIM card.  So, unless these hooks are part of the OS and given to an app, T-Mobile's WiFi Calling will NOT happen on a Nexus Device.

Internet Calling is if you have a SIP provider.  Some people have VOIP devices that have a SIP account. THIS is what Google is talking about it supports.

Nexus 5 works just like iphone. The nexus 5 gets its updates straight from google just like how iphone gets its update straight from apple. The carrier has no control over the software(the OS)  on Nexus 5 so t-mobile is not able to add wifi calling feature on this phone.

If you want wifi calling, buy a t-mobile branded phone(the one that has t-mobile logo on either front or back of the phone). t-mobile has control over those phones software update so they are able to add wifi calling. but with those phones the system updates can take upto 6 months to arrive on your phone after the new android version comes out.

Educate yourself, before you act like a pre-teen having a hissy fit (unless you ARE a pre-teen, then go right ahead).

Internet Calling is for SIP providers. T-Mobile WiFi calling is an IMS calling protocol.  No need for me to explain it because an adult would educate themself before acting like an e-thug towards a large corporation.