Has Sprint Enabled Youtube's Restricted Mode?

  • 22 May 2021
  • 3 replies


I am getting a problem about my youtube app on android that started a couple of days ago. Youtube, for some reason now has Restricted Mode on and is telling me that it was enabled by the Network Administrator, even on data. Is this Sprint doing this?


Also the Restricted Mode switch is greyed out and i cant disable it.

3 replies

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out of curiosity..what are yall trying to pull up that is kicking this up? i cant even find anything mentioning Restricted Mode..through my LG V60.


found it..but i can switch it off and on perfectly fine on my end.


also what device are yall running?

I’ve had the same exact problem, I thought getting a new SIM card would help but it didn’t. I know it has to do with sprint or T-mobile because it only happens when I’m on cellular data. Anyone who knows anything please reply

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that wouldnt be on Sprint..or TMO.