Having issues with getting tablet to work on another carrier and saying imei is invalid?

I am having issues with t mobile, I was told by support that the tablet I have is already unlocked, but its not since it says network locked when I try to put another Sim card in it. I keep calling support about it and they say the imei isn't on there network, and doesn't exist, I know its a t mobile because it says t-mobile when it turns on. I don't know what to do.


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Because it doesn't come up as stolen, or lost and the imei isn't bad, I was just going to find a website online that unlocks tablets and do it that way, and get the unlock code that way.

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Where did you purchase it from?

I didn't buy it from T-Mobile, I Bought from like a thrift store basically, It was brand new and unopened so never put on the network. I checked it online it doesn't show up online as stolen or anything, and buy what online support says its already unlocked, but on my end its not and says network locked. But how can they say when I call them, its not a T-Mobile tablet since the imei doesn't come up on there system, and that I know that it is since it boots up as T-Mobile.

Have heard similar complaints of people that bought iPhone other than the store too. If the device was sold through another channel and never went through t mobile they won't have the imei on record. I would try calling tech support instead and see if it can be over ridden.

I have tried to contact them , and they just give me issues and than they hang up on me. I contacted customer support which was this number 1 (877) 453-1304, Should I be calling 1-800-T-Mobile or something? If They don't have the 4g tablet on record , how can customer support online say its already unlocked, but when I call them they have no record of the imei?

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting your new tablet to work! What specifically were you told when called our customer care team?

I was told they can't help me, since i'm not a T-Mobile customer, Even though I got it brand new , when Online chat support was still available and you didn't need a account to talk to them online . they looked up my IMEI number and they told me it was already unlocked, but i don't get how that is possible when the tablet was unopened and new. When I contacted someone by phone the first time they than told me the imei wasn't coming up on there system , plus what I said above they won't help since i'm not a T-Mobile Customer , and they told me also if they would type the Imei in and it came up unlocked even though my tablet really isn't locked, they wouldn't be able to help since i'm not a customer. I Know by law they have to unlock it even if im not a customer , What i know is with the CTIA law if you aren't a customer they can charger you to Unlock it. I am done with T-Mobile for right now, I have filed a complaint with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau, and i'm waiting on response from T-Mobile for that.

So I think there is a bit of confusion here. If the tablet is T-Mobile branded, it will be locked to our network by default. Did the thrift store you purchased the tablet from tell you that the device was already unlocked? If so, and you are getting the error that it is network locked, you will want to take this tablet back to the place you purchased it from and ask for a refund.

If you want to keep this tablet, we can still unlock it for you since it is a T-Mobile device but there are specific account/device requirements that must be met before we can process the unlock.

Yes its a lg g pad x 8.0 which is t-mobile branded, where i bought it from they didn't tell me it was unlocked, it was T-Mobile , I was talking to t-mobile customer support on there web chat, and they told me it was unlocked when i gave them the imei number.

Thanks for clarifying. It is totally possible that they checked to see if there were any blocks on the IMEI like a lost/stolen or insurance block and misunderstood what you asking. I sincerely apologize for that. If you are getting the network locked error, the tablet is indeed locked to the T-Mobile network.

I'm not sure if you are right on that, I remember asking if it was Unlocked, and they said sure we can check that , and I gave them the Imei, and I remember them telling me , what i am seeing it is unlocked and can be put on another network , and I told them It was a T-Mobile tablet , than I said its showing up as Locked, and They told me since it coming up unlocked in there system , they can unlock it even if im not a customer.

There is definitely some confusion here. I can say with 100% certainty that if a device is a T-Mobile device and is brand new in box, it will be locked to the T-Mobile network and cannot be unlocked until the requirements listed above are met. It is totally possible that our customer care representative misread what he/she was looking at and I sincerely apologize that the ball was dropped there.

If you are still in the return period with the retailer you purchased the tablet from, it may be in your best interest to return the tablet and see if you can find a tablet that is being sold as unlocked already.

Maybe Where I bought it from , lied to me or something because when I got it , it was open, and the only thing that was missing was the SIM card   , the way that it looked it was brand new, everything including the screen protector plastic was on it. But also when I got it , the tablet came out only like 3 weeks before. So it is probably a brand new tablet that had its SIM card removed from the box.

Update on this: I contacted T-Mobile support online, since you have to have to a t-mobile one account and service, I had a friend give them the IMEI , He asked the same question as me ,  if it was unlocked, and the person on the chat said it is unlocked and ready to be put on another network, I don't understand why customer support chat is saying it is unlocked.

I am so sorry michaelweaser​. I am not sure where specifically they are seeing this info. As much as I wish I could look into this for you, we don't have the ability to check this kind of information on a user driven community. I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature so that we can take a holistic look at the situation and find out for sure what is going on here.

I asked them, they have no idea how the t-mobile people on chat is telling me it is unlocked, The issue with this tablet is there is no record of it being sold or anything , The tablet was never rung up on a POS and the warranty was never activated. 

That is interesting! I think it may be time to tray and take this back to the place you purchased it from and see if you are able to get a refund.

Because it doesn't come up as stolen, or lost and the imei isn't bad, I was just going to find a website online that unlocks tablets and do it that way, and get the unlock code that way.