Headphone jack stopped working afyer update

  • 13 June 2017
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Updated this morning and now headphone jack doesn't work.  Tried new headphones.  Powered off, restarted, tried safe mode.  Any suggestions?


Best answer by deeemster 17 June 2017, 19:29

I performed a factory reset and it fixed the issue. 

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4 replies

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Oh man! That is no good at all! Can you tell if the phone is even registering that a headset was plugged in? I know you said that this started after updating the phone but can you check the headphone jack on the phone to see if there is any debris in there?

I performed a factory reset and it fixed the issue. 

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Oh wow! Okay, it must have been some weird SW glitch. We typically only recommend a master reset as a last resort but it sounds like it did the trick!

As of 1/1/21 this problem happened to me and my daughter on note 10 plus. I found the fix.  


 Go to settings on your phone. Find "sound". On the note 10 plus, it's listed as "sound and vibrations". Then scroll down to "seperate app sound", and click on that title. switch the toggle to "turn on now". Pick the app you want. (Youtube, etc) I picked YouTube and everything else works as well. Then choose the device you want the sound played on. Pick phone. 


Done. Sound is now able to play through headphones and through the phone. 


I couldn't find the answer anywhere online. I prayed for God to help me and He led me to that. I'm so thankful! And I wanted to help everyone else.