• 18 May 2024
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I've been asked for my phone records for November 2023 till January!!!

Does anyone know how I can get these from my past bills or something??



**??Also..I recently 2 mo ago. Switched to a regular acct and off of a pre paid account. The phone records would be off of the pre paid acct****

Not sure if that matters?...


2 replies

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That’s bills should still be available in your account for postpaid users.  Prepaid does not generate a bill so that information would not be available.  If for some reason, you can’t find those bills in your postpaid account.  You can always a visit a store and have them printed for you.  You can also reach out to T-Mobile via DM on Facebook or Twitter to see if they can send you PDF’s of those bills for you to print.  

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If I understand your post correctly, the time that you need the records from was when you were on a prepaid account. Prepaid accounts do not offer bill summaries, call records, or anything like that. If you still have the same phone, you might still have those call logs on your phone. I don’t know of a way to retrieve those call logs off of your phone other than screenshots.