How can I detect that my external IP address has changed, without periodic polling?

  • 1 January 2021
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I do not use my Android-based T-Mobile device via wifi … only via cell-based mobile access.

I know that the external IP address that is associated with my Android T-Mobile device periodically changes. I also know that I can repeatedly poll various “what’s my IP” sites to find out the current value of my external IP.

However, I’m wondering if there is some sort of signal (i.e., Android intent, Android event, Android notification, etc.) that T-Mobile sends to my device whenever the external IP address changes. If so, I wouldn’t need to repeatedly poll any “what’s my IP” sites, but instead, I would only need to access such a site once in a while when I programmatically detect that T-Mobile has changed my device’s external IP address. I don’t want to repeatedly poll, because that is a major battery and resource drain.

I wrote some software which responds to the Android intent, but that intent doesn’t seem to get fired off when T-Mobile changes my device’s external IP address. Is there any other event, intent, signal, whatever that T-Mobile sends to my device when the external IP address changes, and that I can programmatically detect?

Thank you in advance for any info that anyone could provide on this topic.

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