How can I either block some numbers from going to voicemail or forward them to another number?

  • 25 February 2018
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I have a Samsung Galaxy 8 Note, in case that matters.

I keep getting calls that are unwanted, there are a couple different numbers they come from. I block them, but they still go to voicemail (no message left, just 3-5 seconds of silence). I want them to stop.

Is there a way to block certain callers from going to my voicemail?

Is there a way to forward specific callers to another number?

I tried to find an app to help but had no luck. Is there another solution to my issue?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I wish there was but, AFAIK, the only thing you can do is to put them in the phone's reject list, which sends them to the designated voicemail number.

Now, what you might be able to do is use a 3rd party service (e.g. Google Voice) for for either your voicemail or to screen your incoming calls.

In the first scenario you'd set your voicemail number to your Google Voice line and then reject calls coming from the unwanted callers. This depends on GV seeing the original caller ID and not your caller ID on the forwarded calls. I really don't know if this would work or not.

The second, you'd set up your GV line to screen the unwanted callers and then forward the rest to your phone. This I know will work but you have to start fresh and give everyone your GV number and not your cell number.

Sorry, if this is short on specifics. I'm kind of thinking this out as I type.

Hi Bryon,

The devices support native Android 7 blocking features. This means they'll only allow you, at the device level, to block the SMS or Call from reaching your device. Whatever network enforced routing is in place will take over. In this case, that's call forwarding to voicemail. T-Mobile offers a feature called Family Allowances which has a Numbers Never Allowed feature that operates at the network level.

I hope that explanation helps.

In other words, blocking voicemail is $5 per line, per month.