How completely does the LG V60 AT&T model work on the TM 5G network?

  • 5 September 2021
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I'm looking for advice about purchasing an LG V60 ThinQ for use with the T-Mobile network, before stocks of that now-orphaned model completely disappear.  I'd be grateful for any informed comments that will help me better understand the tradeoffs among the choices I currently see online.

I've been with T-Mobile for only 6 months, having migrated my account and devices after decades with AT&T.  I was an early adopter of the LG V10 model H900 (primarily because it was one of the few top-line devices that then still had a replaceable battery), and was sufficiently pleased with it that I bought a V40 (unlocked model VM405QA) a couple of years ago.

These are factors that are most important to me as I think about acquiring a V60:

  • I want to be able to update the Android OS, preferably easily.
  • I want to be able to make full use of the T-Mobile network's 5G and WiFi calling capabilities.
  • I want to use a seemingly trustworthy vendor.

And these are the relevant purchase options that I'm weighing up:

  • I'm not seeing any new, manufacturer-boxed VM-V600TM (the T-Mobile model) for less than $500 or $600, which is more than I want to pay for an orphaned phone.
  • I can buy an "open box" VM-V600TM on eBay for $390.
  • I can buy a "renewed" VM-V600TM from Amazon for $357.  The Amazon renewal program seems to have more consumer protections than with the eBay open box option, but Amazon's third party vendors involved generally have relatively high levels of negative purchaser ratings.
  • I can buy a new, manufacturer-boxed, unlocked VM-V600AM (the AT&T model) on eBay for $370.

Of these, I'm currently leaning towards the $390 TM open box option, but the new $370 unlocked AM looks very attractive.  However, my online research re the capabilities of that phone on the T-Mobile network suggest that:

  • I wouldn't have WiFi calling, since a number of sources suggest that the AM model has disabled WiFi calling (even, it appears, for use on the AT&T network!).
  • It's not clear whether I would have full T-Mobile 5G connectivity.  Some say "yes," others say "no," but I haven't found a seemingly authoritative reading.
  • I can't tell whether I would be able to update the OS, from either T-Mobile, AT&T, or LG.  I still have my old AT&T SIM card, but no longer any AT&T account.
  • I'd prefer to have the T-Mobile apps to the AT&T-specific apps.  [With my AT&T V10, I've had problems using the AT&T calling, email, and messaging apps in the T-Mobile environment.]  And if I have to have bloatware, I’d prefer T-Mobile’s.

I'd welcome advice from more knowledgeable forum members about any of these matters, particularly from any members with actual personal experience of using the V600AM on the T-Mobile 5G network.

Or if there's a more appropriate forum for me to be asking these questions, please let me know.

2 replies

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You need to change the apn settings in the phone and as far as the updates I wouldn't hold your breath on getting them since LG shut down their phone side of the company which is why there's deals on their phones. I read somewhere that they were only going to support phones in Korea.


At&T software updates will only work with AT&T sim+AT&T branded smartphone, I’d suggest you get the T-Mobile V60 instead. Be careful as there are 2-3 variants with TM which is TM(T-mobile),TMO(US Cellualar), and TM2X(Canadian). Many sellers have no clue on what they are selling so id suggest you tell them to video or send a pic of model your getting.