how do I make my phone number private

  • 19 February 2019
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I want to make my number private so if someone googles my number my name doesnt show up !


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On Android...

Go to your dialer-settings-call settings-additional settings-caller ID-hide number. 

You can *67 before each call for temporary hide.

Be aware most people won't answer or apps and services will block calls from hidden or private numbers .

so when they google my number my name wont show up if i do that

so when they google my number my name wont show up if i do that

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If they don't have your number they can't Google .

But Google is not the only source of info.

If your number is anywhere, it'll be searchable somewhere .

since switching my service to tmobile my name and number both appear if I search for one or the other. like the previous person was trying to emphasize we want our privacy and don't want our names and numbers to be sold off or listed into a public domain.

in the old days of landlines and phone books, a person was able to be left out of the book. I don't want to type my phone number into google search to find my name and address.

i didn't have this problem when I was doing a month to month  no contract service.

I am trying to unblock my number one call at a time. They set me up for a permanent outbound unavailable number. 

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numbers are actually public domain by default.  Telemarketers sued carriers back in the day and they won.  You can block the number, and try and hide them it wouldn’t matter in grand scheme of things.

FTC made this but it doesn’t remove the fact numbers are public in the first place.