How do I make my unlocked Moto Z4 work with 4G LTE?

  • 27 October 2021
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I purchased an unlocked Moto Z4 to replace a Moto Z2 Force that had a dying battery (I have a few Moto mod addons so I needed a compatible replacement to use the mods).

T-mobile’s site to check compatibility using my  IMEI says it’s fully compatible. I’ve entered the APN settings from the T-mobile BYOD page.  However, using the T-mobile app to do a device network check still shows it’s not compatible for 4G LTE and  Extended range LTE.  I’ve never seen a 4G status symbol for the cellular network, just LTE.  Are there any other steps I am missing?


As far as I can tell this phone is capable of using all the required bands for T-mobile 4G LTE and extended range..

1 reply

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is it VoLTE capable though?

i know they were starting to exnay any non VoLTE devices from their network either starting soon or soon to start.