How many Galaxy S5 have a broken USB cover?

After one month and one week mine decided to fall apart.  Samsung refuses to admit to a manufacturer defect.  After Gooogling the problem, I found a lot of people with the problem.

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Galaxy 5 has a flaw. I spoke with Tmobile, Assurant Insurance, and Samsung. The USB cover that protects the phone from water easily breaks off. Unfortunately they consider this "physical damage". Mine broke and per research, many others are having this issue. Insurance will replace with $200 deductible or Samsung will replace with $70 deductible. So the number 1 selling point is a lie and because of flaw in phone, consumers are now being charged to fix. I am not very happy myself.

Samething happened to me,I super glued it back on and so far it's been holding, but yes definitely a flaw

My cover hasn't broken yet, but the seal has loosened to the point where I don't believe it can be sealing properly. I've had the phone a couple of months.

I don't flip the USB cover off except to charge the phone, so the cover has not been abused and has not seen abnormal use. I'm going to contact customer support to report this, and see what they say. You don't need to be a mechanical engineer to see this is a design problem. A part that small with a flexible seal and flexible attachment to the phone is bound to fail long before the phone needs to be replaced. But, I didn't expect to see symptoms of the failure after less than 3 months!

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Mine broke off too. Really sucks cause I've only had my phone for a little over a month. No longer waterproof!!

Probably why the list the phone as water resistant.

My cover is still attached, but stopped sealing correctly about two months after I got the phone.  Forget about the water protection feature, that is a joke.

How do you mean it stopped sealing right?

Not sure how you can tell.

And you can get another on eBay cheap.

And they are easy to replace too.

It just hangs open all the time.  I can sit there and try to put it in place and it takes about 10 tries before I finally get it to sit in there and not fall open. But even then, I doubt that it is seated well enough for any water resistance.  I am sure that if I blew o n it hard enough, that it would fall open again. 

But I didn't buy the phone for this feature anyways, so I am not going to go buying replacements every two months off of eBay.  I just think that they ought to pull away from any marketing of this feature, because it is a joke.

I bought my S5 on the release date. Now my USB door does not latch when I try to close it. It used to snap into place and it does not do that anymore. I am going to buy a replacement door on Amazon for around $6 and switch to Qi Wireless Charging. It is definitely the weakest part of the phone.

I am amazed that it lasted this long.

My phone S-5 that same issue except the door didn't fall off, the black rubber piece that is the latch hook fell off and I realized the door wasn't closing right it was missing. I was advised I have to take to t-mobile to evaluation if its physical damage I have to pay 175 to replace the phone, its not physical but a defect and  doesn't have the black rubber clasp then it will fall under warranty and they will replace it for 5.00... For those who run into this problem, go to Amazon and unhappy with mobile provider and I did buy the jump program that alone cover the phone not.

Disappointed with tmbobile

It may seem like a frivolous thing  to return a phone over, but if you get an S5 and you notice this cover being messed up right away, when you can get a completely free exchange, do so.  Because nobody has ever seen these covers before, there is no way to know how well that they work.  On my first S5, mine didn't work right from the start, but it wasn't an essential feature for me and it seemed so flimsy that I thought that it was a joke and that they all must be this way.  But I ended up with an exchange over a different issue with the phone and when I received the new phone, this cover worked as it should, perfectly.  But on the first phone, I had nothing to compare it to, so I didn't realize how well it does normally sit in there.  And it still fits in there exactly as it did months ago when I received this replacement.

There are a number of places online where you can buy a charging port cover for $5 or less and they are very easy to replace with a tiny phillips head screwdriver.  Here's a link to a video... Galaxy S5 Charging Port Cover Replacement and Fix - YouTube

Mine lasted almost a year but did eventually break off at the weak joint. I bought a set of 5 replacement covers only cost me 9.99 and is super easy to fix.

mine broke off after 8 months and i only touch it when i and charging phone.

But if you are not careful with it or spin it in any direction, over time that will cause it to break.

Obviously, if somebody is tweaking the cover, it will break off. I doubt that anybody is complaining about that. I have had it break off two phones, each within the first few months and neither was because of any unusual tweaking or usage. Just opening it to charge it and then closing it after being charged.