How to email MMS to phone?

  • 17 March 2017
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I'm new to T-Mobile, but I've Googled this question and read to use my phone number with as the address to send to my phone.

Every time I try, it comes back with the 550 error.

What am I doing wrong?


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Welcome, @cterrian‌!  I have to say, I'm not sure exactly why you'd see an error here.  I just tested by emailing myself from my gmail account - and I tried both my regular 10 digit number (ex: and by placing a 1 in front (ex: and both of them came through!  It looks like we did have a recent outage with this system, but it's been marked as resolved and it definitely just worked for me!

What email client are you using?  Have you tried with more than one email provider?  Also, if you haven't already, can you test with different content (maybe just a few words instead of a file)? 

- Marissa

I use Gmail. I was previously with AT&T, and created a contact called "My

Cell phone" with the email This worked for years.

When I switched to T-Mobile, I changed the contact email to

This is where the problem started. Even though I changed the address, it

would not work. I've since deleted the contact and used, and it works now. Thanks for the update.


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Awesome!  Not sure whether that was a timing coincidence or the contact hanging on to old memories, but either way, I'm glad to hear it's working!  Often when we have users experiencing trouble with messaging, we'll ask them to delete the contact entry and replace it - so you had great instincts for first-run troubleshooting.  😊   Thank you for the update!

- Marissa

Hi Marissa,

I'm having issues with sending a plain text email to my mobile, is this functionality still working?
Please let me know


I am having the same Error message (550) and using the same format.  My number was originally from Verizon.  Could that be affecting it?

"I am having the same Error message (550) and using the same format.  My number was originally from Verizon."

Ditto for me.

I found that when I include a subject line on the email message it fails.

I found that when I do NOT include a subject line on the email message, with exactly the same body of the email message, it works fine.

as of September 9, 2020, I still get the 550 error.  Cannot email to my 1xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxx or +1xxxxxxxxxxx


I tried sending a text msg to my, which went through.  I then REPLIED from the email to the message from the phone.  Instead of receiving the message that I typed in the email, I got the “Permanent Failture” msg in my phone.


so it’s still a one way love story.


email to works for me.  However, only text goes through.  Anyone knows how to email a picture to the phone?  I did it by attaching the picture to the email.  Perhaps the email need to be formatted in a special way?  I have no problem emailing picture to my phone when I was with Verizon.  Not working with T Mobile.

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How big was the picture? I tried with a 470K pic + a subject + words in the text & email and it worked perfectly. However, I did not use a “+” or a 1.

Perhaps, you have a setting that does not allow texts to contacts without phone numbers? Or a setting in contacts to not list contacts without phone numbers?

Also check your MMS settings; what do you have the size limit set to? I have mine set to warn me if it’s too big.

@sweetpeach Thanks for the quick reply.  The file is about 400K.  One thing that I did not mention is that I wasn’t using an email client nor the web app to send the email. I was using a program which I developed for monitoring purposes.  No problem with Verizon, but not working on T Mobile.  Verizon uses 2 separate domains for SMS and MMS while T mobile uses just 1 domain for both.  Perhaps I’m just missing a setting.

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That could be so. At one time Verizon was CDMA and Tmobile has always been GSM. They weren’t compatible or  you did not use to be able to BYOD from Verizon to Tmobile. There may be latent code that needs to change.

I, too, am having trouble. tells my mail server that my message was accepted allowed and sent.  I get no text message.  If I do the same from gmail, it works.  


My messages sent to my [phonenumber] come through, but only as a ‘new message available’, then it prompts me to  “tap to download”.   

Not sure where it goes when it downloads but it never shows in my messaging app.


I’m having the same issues I used to receive message alerts from Tradingview but they just stopped like 2 weeks ago.