Huawei Mate 20 Pro on T-Mobile?

  • 24 October 2018
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Of all the phones to come out this year, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has me the most intrigued.  While not available here in the USA, I was wondering if an international variant would work on T-Mobile, particularly for wi-fi calling.  Here are the bands the Mate 20 Pro works on...

  • GSM:
    • 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • UMTS:
    • 800, 850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • LTE (FDD):
    • Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32
  • LTE (TDD):
    • Bands 34, 38, 39, 40
  • Data:
    • LTE-A Pro Cat 21 (1400/200 Mbit/s), HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s, HSUPA

From what I'm seeing, it looks like it will work for calls and data, but I have no idea about the Wi-Fi calling aspect.  Thoughts?


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Thank you for posting this question loucap! I came here and signed up to do the same thing. I'm currently with Sprint but I'm willing to change a T-Mobile if this phone is supported.

The particular version that looks to be available to me immediately is from Singapore, not the UK.

It looks to be model code LYA-L29, which is Huawei Mate 20 Pro 6.39 Inches Dual SIM 40MP 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked Phone.

The band specifications for the phone from Singapore look to be the same as loucap showed above in the original post.

As someone who has never tried to use an international unlocked phone with a US carrier would anyone be able to help and let me know if we expect that the country source of the phone will impact its usability on T-Mobile?  Or is it just the listed bands that really matters on whether it's usable with T-Mobile?

Thank you in advance for any information.

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Hey folks!

That phone has most of the band support needed to work with T-Mobile network bands & technologies but the Wi-Fi calling is not guaranteed as we do not sell it and have not configured it to work properly with all of our services.

Hmmm...hopefully someone will buy one and test this out. Otherwise, I might have to be the guinea pig.

Welp. I took the plunge. Mate 20 Pro should be here in a couple weeks at latest and just signed up for TMobile service. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for luck. Will certainly update once the rubber hits the road.

Thanks for your original informative post loucap!

While that's disappointing, at least we can get theOnePlus 6T now!

Looking forward to hearing back. WiFi calling is a must for me!

I am getting one soon will let you know..

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One Plus 6T is exciting but the killing of the headphone jack was a real bummer ended up ordering an S9+ through Samsung since they are also running a deal till tomorrow where they give double the trade in value on devices. Still, the One Plus 6T looks amazing.

Pls let us know whether wifi calling works. It is a must for me as well. Thanks.

Well there is bad news for those who would rely on Wi-Fi calling. For reference, I have the international unlocked LYA-L29 updated to build number

No WiFi calling on T Mobile, the regular mobile network call quality seems clear and T-Mobile's data is a reasonable up-and-down speed.

I cannot find any evidence of the Wi-Fi calling setting anywhere in the phone. I tried under two different settings locations that were recommended on the web for the Mate 20 Pro as well as in previous P10 and P 20 Pro phones.

Neither of these settings locations had the option for Wi-Fi calling shown. It wasn't just grayed out it's simply wasn't there.

One location is under Settings... Wireless & Networks... Mobile network. There should be a Wi-Fi calling slider button here under 4G slider button according to screenshots found online. It's not there.

The other location is to open the phone dialer click the three dots in the upper right click settings and we should see Wi-Fi calling there. It's not there.

As tmo-chris indicated it looks like T-Mobile is not supporting Wi-Fi calling on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. So it's a T-Mobile issue rather than a phone issue.

The phone works fine to make calls, and data works as well. I've placed some calls and call clarity was great. I also turned off WiFi and ran several speed tests with the Ookla Speedtest app. The Speedtest app on T Mobile data showed some variability but pretty decent speeds (all following speeds rounded off to whole number Mbps). The lowest was 13Mbps Down and 7Mbps Up. More often it ranged from 39Mbps - 49Mbps Down and 14Mbps - 17Mbps Up.

I am switching from Sprint and still have their service I ran speed tests on the same app on a different phone on Sprint's mobile data network. Sprint speeds ran between 48Mbps - 57Mbps Down and 2Mbps - 3Mbps Up.

I am not familiar with T-Mobile speeds for very long but they look to be slower Down in my area than Sprint which is a serious bummer. T-Mobile is much faster Up, but I don't care about that.

So, hope this helps everyone considering the Huawei mate 20 Pro. It does not have Wi-Fi calling on the T-Mobile network, and unless T-Mobile actively works to support WiFi calling on this phone it will not have it in the future.

However so far call quality and data is acceptable, I will update if that changes.

PS- Other than WiFi calling (and no access to Huawei cloud or other Huawei apps because they are not supported in the US), this phone is a freaking dream come true.

There is no Wifi calling on this phone I looked all over the phone..It

works well with T mobile service. Phone is really fast..and very very good

camera.. Thanks

Thanks for trying!  It's disappointing that the Wi-Fi calling won't work, but it's still an awesome phone!  Unfortunately, I need that Wi-Fi calling for an area I frequent that is a cellular dead zone for ALL carriers.  I have the OnePlus 6T arriving this week (International Unlocked) so we'll see how that does on T-Mobile.  Being that they're selling it too (locked), it should work like a champ!

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Small correction this is not an issue of T-mobile not supporting wifi calling on the device but the other way around with Huwai not supporting it.

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The Canadian version of the phone supports band 66 and should support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling.  Rogers (AT&T Canada uses the stock Andeoid implementation of WiFi Calling, which is also what T-Mobile uses. 

I really want to have the Huawei mate 20 pro for quite a while but I'm still wondering. Still no return?

Looking to get the Mate 20 Pro or the Mate 20 X here in the next month or so. Just wanted to see if you had any tips on purchasing? Where you got yours and what to look for as far as returns or certain bands? Thanks.

I got mine on E bay when I bought mine one one person had in stock ..I

paid 1200 but you can now buy it for 1064.00 on e bay and as well

Amzon..Just make sure that they accept returns.. in case some thing goes

wrong with it...and check there ratings as well.. This is the most amazing

phone I ever used...Good luck .Tanks .Tariq

Hi codified,

Can you tell me though, does the L29 version you bought have VoLTE enabled on T-Mobile?! I'd REALLY like to know!

You should see it listed in Call or Network Settings, but more importantly, during a call, it should connect in under 5 seconds and also it should say "HD+ or "HD Voice" on the stock phone app as well.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi magenta,

Can you tell me though, does the L29 version you bought have VoLTE enabled on T-Mobile?! I'd REALLY like to know!

You should see it listed in Call or Network Settings, but more importantly, during a call, it should connect in under 5 seconds and also it should say "HD+ or "HD Voice" on the stock phone app as well.

Thanks in advance!!

Hmmm, I don't think that voLTE is enabled on the Huawei mate 20 Pro on T-Mobile. You may need to give me some follow-up guidance though and how to double check or confirm this.

I don't see anything in the settings that you mentioned (settings in the stock dialer, or in the general phone settings under 'Wireless and networks'). Also, to your second point, when I make calls there is no HD or HD+ icon; this includes both outbound and inbound calls, neither has that icon. When I look online the phone appears to support the Bands which would be used for voLTE, but I don't see that it's actually implemented or available.

Okay here's where it gets dicey though... we also have the t mobile locked OnePlus 6T, and I can't find any mention of voLTE in the 6T stock dialer settings, or in the General phone settings under 'Wi-Fi & internet'). Having said that when I make outbound calls to the mate 20 Pro the HD+ icon appears in the stock dialer of the 6T. But when I receive an inbound call on the OnePlus 6T from the mate 20 Pro, the only phone I've checked and inbound call on, there is no HD+ icon. That's why I hesitate to give you a solid answer, my positive control so to speak of the OnePlus 6T is only showing it for outbound calls, and so I might not be interpreting that correctly.

As to why vo LTE does not show up in the OnePlus settings, perhaps this link indicates something? Since T-Mobile says that it can't be turned on or off perhaps they have hidden it in the settings, and it's just always on. Link below.

Hope this helps.

Yeah I just got the T-Mobile 6T also, but MIGHT wanna upgrade to the Mate 20 Pro. What I discovered just yesterday is that for all 2018 T-Mobile locked phones, VoLTE isn't listed in Settings. You may not even see the HD+/HD Voice icon in the stock app either. I know, crazy. lol

So the way to tell is, make a call, and if during the call your phone STAYS in 4G LTE, you HAVE VoLTE! Also, it should connect the call in 5 seconds or less. If it switches to 4G and/or takes over 5 seconds to connect, you don't. Do that kindly please and then let me know what happens.

tldr; Best phone I've ever had and everything I hoped for, but you better do your research on the green tint screen bleed and recognize that you're gambling.

Well, I got mine on eBay as well it was pretty fast shipping and paid 1199.99 from a USA based seller who was very responsive and who I would recommend. The purchasing experience was great, this is the one I got (price has since dropped by $50, link below).

First thing I would say is absolutely do some research about a green tint screen bleed. this is a problem that is apparently quite pervasive and popping up on quite a few mate 20 devices with different degrees of severity. since the phone would likely be bought from an international source and Huawei would provide no u.s. warranty, it could be quite the Gamble.

I can actually see the screen bleed on the phone that I got, but it's quite infinitesimal. I have to go into a pitch-black closet, bring up a dark gray but not black background, and play with the brightness slider. But the green tint bleed is there... unambiguously there.

Also, something I haven't seen other people mention, is it in the stock camera app as you cycle between portrait, Pro, Photo, video, there is bleed from the top of the screen near the notch. This bleed only dimly flashes downward from the icons that switch in and out as I cycle between the settings, and again is noticeable in a dark  (but not Pitch Black) room.

Finally in terms of the display, if I go to YouTube and just play gray background screens, I get an intermittent and irreproducible dark slight blotching affect creeping from the edges of the screen toward the middle.

From what I understand Huawei is trying to say that at least the first and third display issues I described above are features of the curved screen. I can attest this is absolutely not the case, because the green bleed and dark blotchiness are not regular along the curved Edge and also can occur near the top and the bottom of the display.

I wanted to be really transparent, and set expectations for the worst. Having said that it's really quite unnoticeable to me, I have to work at making these display issues noticeable. I might not have even noticed them if I hadn't read about the pervasive problem and set myself up in a pitch-black room to probe the problem. I may post some of this on XDA Dev forum to compare notes with others, but haven't done that yet.

My concern is whether these will grow in magnitude and severity. if I was assured that my phone would stay in the condition it's at, and never get worse I wouldn't even consider returning it. Unfortunately it's too early to tell whether the problem will get more severe we just don't have enough data, or time in flight yet.

I still have a short period of time before my return window closes through the seller and I would be stuck trying to do a send in to an international warranty in Asia. That's not a fun thought. I'm hoping that over this next little bit of time I can ascertain whether there's even a minimal increase in severity, in which case I will return the phone. But if it stays at the state that it's in, quite frankly it's such an awesome phone that I'll probably just keep it and Gamble.

Okay so what makes it awesome? As to what I would be comparing it against I also got a OnePlus 6T (locked, from T-Mobile), and have been switching back and forth between the mate 20 Pro and the OnePlus 6T for a few days.

I know the OnePlus gets rave reviews, and my SO (who has a OnePlus 6Tas well) loves it, but to me it pales in comparison to the mate 20 Pro. Frankly I only got the OnePlus 6T phone for myself because it was priced at half off through T-Mobile and just in case I have to bail on the mate 20 Pro. Because of its Wi-Fi calling and volte, I'll probably use the OnePlus when traveling to some areas.

But, so far each time I switch over to the OnePlus, and shelve the mate 20 Pro for a day, I do it with a Grimace and a sigh of despair.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I would have loved the OnePlus, if I had never held the mate Pro. For the half-off price it's a no-brainer. At the T-Mobile half off price for the OnePlus, it's only 1/4 as expensive as the mate 20 Pro! That's an insane cost differential. It's just hard to climb down off of the top, even though the OnePlus is objectively a great phone (except the one plus in screen fingerprint sensor is blindingly bright in a dark or dim room, annoyingly bright).

Ok, so... mate 20 Pro: I really love the form and the features. It's simply the best phone I've ever had. Better than the note 7 that I had briefly until the Samsung battery police came and grabbed it from me before it might have blown up

The emui 9.0 UI is really nice (coming from falling and LG) I'm not sure why people don't like emui. I'm digging the gestures. The face unlock is wicked fast even in the dark. I can uninstall or basically block the few bloatware apps that came preinstalled. The screen recorder is just awesome (although Huawei might regret putting that on there since I'm using it to capture some of the screen issues).The knock split screen and other knock features are intuitive and I'm already addicted to them.

It is true that with gestures fully enabled things like picture and picture are difficult, and sometimes unworkable. this doesn't bother me too much and I can usually gesture a couple of times to get around it, but I can imagine it would bug the heck out of some people. If you don't use gestures and instead use the nav buttons, this is not an issue at all.

The one thing that I can't figure out if it's my user ignorance or a phenomenally stupid oversight by Huawei is that there is no apparent way to toggle auto brightness on and off in the notification tray. You have to dig down deep into the full settings to toggle auto brightness on and off. This is enormously frustrating, I don't know if it's a bug, or a feature of emui 9.0. It might not bother others but for me it detracts from the user experience to a surprisingly large degree.

Overall again it's a fantastic phone it's everything I was hoping for. Not having Wi-Fi calling is not a big deal for me, not having (apparently) voLTE doesn't seem to be a big deal as I get fast calls with great reception. even with Wi-Fi turned off so that I'm exclusively using the cellular network, I am able to send and receive texts and gmail and cruise around online websites while on a phone call... which is absolutely essential to me. Interestingly the only thing that I expected to work when I'm on the phone but which doesn't seem to, is sending and receiving messages through the Viber app. When I send messages or am sent messages through Viber, they're held up until I end the call. I'm not sure why I would be able to access the internet when on a call, but not use Viber.

I'm just desperately hoping that the screen issues stay as infinitesimally minimal as they currently are, cuz I really really really really want to keep this phone. But, caveat emptor.

Awesome forensic advice about the icons. That appears to be an effective way to determine whether the vo LTE is indeed enabled on both outbound and inbound calls.

Results in a nutshell-

Huawei mate 20 Pro switches from the 4G LTE icon immediately to the 4G alone icon as soon as an Outward Bound call is placed, or when an incoming call is picked up. As soon as either call is ended it immediately switches back from bog standard 4G to 4G LTE.

The T-Mobile OnePlus 6T never loses the 4G LTE icon regardless of whether the call is placed outbound, or an incoming call is received. The 4G LTE icon is there before during and after hang up.

Okay icons aside, I'm not sure that the 5 second rule is so definitive. Everytime I call from the mate 20 Pro to the OnePlus 6T, or call a local retail landline, or call my Google Voice number... The Huawei mate 20 Pro Connects the call in usually 2 to 3 seconds, occasionally up to four seconds, but never 5 seconds or more. I timed the OnePlus 6T making the same calls on 4G LTE and it wasn't any faster.

So, thanks for your investigative aptitude. it looks from my end like the Huawei mate 20 Pro definitely does not have 4G LTE enabled on T-Mobile network, and the OnePlus 6T has it working in all cases regardless of whether the HD/HD+ icon actually appears in the stock dialer during a call. Having said that the Huawei mate 20 Pro Connects just as fast.

PS if you're considering the Huawei mate 20 Pro, maybe check my post above describing my perspective relative to the OnePlus 6T and a note about a watch out on the screen.

Ok. So I guess even on the dual SIM model, VoLTE's a no-go. Very sad!

Thanks so much for checking on that! I will consider it further, but now I'm less likely to return my new T-Mobile OnePlus 6T for this phone. It's band enough that it doesn't have Band 71, but not having VoLTE (which I need for access to T-Mobile's Band 12 for phone calls) is just ridiculous to me. So the question becomes, is having the best camera worth having a phone that may not make or take calls when you might really need it?

It helps that I'm using the modded GCam camera app (same as one used on the Pixel phones, including "Night Sight") from XDA on the 6T though. Picture quality is much better than what stock offers.

Yeah the 5 second rule is more of a secondary "guideline" indicator. The MAIN indicator is whether the phone stays in 4G LTE during a call or not.

I dunno. On the 6T I initially put in the SIM card that came with the phone, which I think was faulty b/c with that SIM card, the phone was CLEARLY not enabling VoLTE during calls. But when I put in the one from my now former phone (T-Mo LG V30), VoLTE was CLEARLY enabled and working. But yeah when comparing the two, when VoLTE was enabled, the call connected significantly faster. I would say like 2-3 seconds vs. 10-15 seconds. No joke!

Still, that IS interesting though (and favorable for Hauwei) that it connects that quickly without VoLTE. My plan was to buy the 6T (and got $300 off for trading in my old LG V30), and then in the spring get the P30 Pro or else Xperia XZ4 Premium. Right now after much research, I'm leaning more towards the P30 Pro b/c I feel Huawei offers more of everything I need. Many similar features like what OnePlus & Sony offer, including the "Raise to Ear" gesture which I love a lot. But I am HOPING they get VoLTE on it and so I can use Band 12 and also Band 71 too. Though I don't know if they will. I could also buy the Mate 20 Pro now, but then I wouldn't wanna upgrade that soon. Decisions decisions codified!! lol

Thanks again my friend!!