Huawei Mate 20 Pro on T-Mobile?

  • 24 October 2018
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Would be nice if Huawei had a firmware update that allowed for these bands (66+71) to be used. VOLTE works in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Reception around Irvine is bad as is as Irvine does not really allow any cell towers to be put up so they can make people use Cox Cable which they have a monopoly over on and over charge customers with. This then forces people to pay extra money to COX Cable every month to have internet usage at home as cell data reception is poor for some odd reason 😏

Yeah that really sucks. If it had it, I FOR SURE would've bought the Mate 20 Pro!

I got the Mate 20 Pro Dual SIM version today.  Amazing phone but as stated in previous posts there is no VoLTE and no VoWiFi support .  Please see the screenshot below .

I can vouch for what dragon is saying. I've had the T-Mobile 6T now for about 2 mos, and it's FANTASTIC! The screen is amazing (even outdoes my old LG V30's, which actually had a HIGHER resolution), awesome software (Oxygen) which many think is superior to Stock Android..........the battery life is fantastic, it's very fast, the charger ("Dash") outdoes QC 3.0, on-screen FS is cool, though I usually the Face Unlock feature which is super fast, etc etc. The camera is pretty good too, though I use the ported "GCam" camera mod which is based off the Pixel 3. It offers a noticeable upgrade vs. the stock one. If interested, lemme know and I can post the link here to download and try it out. Is it AS good as the cameras by Sony, Samsung, Apple? No, but it's DAMN close........esp for daylight outdoor pics. And even some indoor. Free too.

Hard to believe I got all this for only $280 after trading in my old LG V30 ($300 trade-in).

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get the one plus 6t I think you will be very pleased with the phone. You get all the flagship specs and important features needed to have a good experience on T-mobile for a reasonable cost.

tyvm for sharing these findings mouse looking dog creature. I myself is thinking of jumping from Samsung as the prices are ridiculous these days. I am ok with no wifi calling, haven't used it once in the last 3 years.

Yeah lou. I always have this bad luck too. lol Sony has been my fav for YEARS (had the T-Mo Z3 too), but b/c of their or T-Mo's or both's refusal to sell through T-Mo (or any U.S. carrier), I end up missing out. It didn't matter in 2016 when I got the Xperia X Performance b/c my area didn't have Band 12 yet anyway. But now it does. Yeah the XZ3 I got (and returned) had VoLTE (a first for an UNLOCKED Sony phone lol) and therefore access to Band 12 for calls, but still no Band 71, which my area (Chicagoland) is about to get deployed within the next month.

I'm just not a fan of Samsung or Apple ENOUGH to buy their phones anymore, though that really applies more for Apple b/c of their ridiculous prices. I owned the S5 (4 days lol) and S7 (4 mos), and really hated both overall. Lots of bugs and issues, crappy UI, etc. Though now they're a lot better and I MAY even consider the S10+ next spring. Though at the moment my top 2 faves are the upcoming P30 Pro and Xperia XZ4 or XZ4 Premium. I think Hauwei and Sony have the best cameras, though Apple's is great and color accurate too. Sony is more color accurate, where Apple and Samsung are still better (overall) at night. But I think that may change next year.

Did you get the Arnova Google Cam "GCam" app yet? It's the port over of the camera software app from the Pixel phones. Stock is pretty nice, but the GCam app to me overall is better and offers more detail in the pics too, as well as the better Night Mode. For the most part, it I think matches the best phones for daytime and selfie shots, though for Night Time it's really good but not THE best.

This is why I didn't get the Mate 20 Pro for use on T-Mobile. Awesome phone, just not in this application.  Like you,  I bought a 6T, and it's been great!

Lucky you! Here in the U S., if you "dare" to buy one, don't count on having the best reception vs. other T-Mo locked phones. NO access to Bands 12 & 71 cuz no T-Mo VoLTE. I think it's all BS about them spying on us. BEST phone in the world, but can't get it without a big sacrifice.

I got the T-Mo 6T, which is GREAT!! But even with the GCam app, the camera still can't do what the Mate's does for Night time photos, though it's not far off either!!  

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These things are sold out just about everywhere up in Canada.  Here is a picture from the About Phone screen of the demo I had to go to half a dozen stores to actually find. 

lol............"Kill 20 Pro"? Who comes up with these names?!! the Multimedia section, it lists the phone as having "HD Voice", which is an indication that the phone DOES have VoLTE!

The thing is though, just b/c it has VoLTE in one country doesn't mean it will on T-Mobile in the U.S.

Still not even sure one can buy this version in the U.S. either. If so I would be willing to try it out and see if I can get VoLTE working on it, as long as the seller has a return policy. lol

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IIf I can find one in a store, I will try to grab a picture of the box or the About Phone screen.

I dunno. When I looked that model # up, it came up as a Huawei phone, but I didn't see anything that confirms it's the Mate 20 Pro.

I'm thinking I'm probably just gonna keep my T-Mo 6T.

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According to Telus Canada, it is LYA-LOC.

Ok cool.

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Okay.  I can try a different store to see if I get better information. 

I just looked up that model # you gave, and apparently it's for the P20 Pro, not the Mate 20 Pro.…

What is the model # for the Canadian Mate 20 Pro? It's not CLT-L04.

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No, but two of the Canadian carriers use a very similar setup to T-Mobile, including WiFi Calling.


But do we know if that model actually gets T-Mobile VoLTE IN THE U.S.?! Has that been confirmed by anyone?

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The model number of the Canadian Mate 20 Pro is CLT-L04. 

Very good review and comparison to the 6T you did!! Very helpful!

Let me know if interested in the GCam app for the 6T. It won't make the pictures Mate 20 Pro quality, but you will definitely notice an upgrade in quality. I don't even bother with the stock camera app anymore. Night Sight helps with low light & nighttime pictures too, much like what I believe is on the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro (Night Mode).

Ok. So I guess even on the dual SIM model, VoLTE's a no-go. Very sad!

Thanks so much for checking on that! I will consider it further, but now I'm less likely to return my new T-Mobile OnePlus 6T for this phone. It's band enough that it doesn't have Band 71, but not having VoLTE (which I need for access to T-Mobile's Band 12 for phone calls) is just ridiculous to me. So the question becomes, is having the best camera worth having a phone that may not make or take calls when you might really need it?

It helps that I'm using the modded GCam camera app (same as one used on the Pixel phones, including "Night Sight") from XDA on the 6T though. Picture quality is much better than what stock offers.

Yeah the 5 second rule is more of a secondary "guideline" indicator. The MAIN indicator is whether the phone stays in 4G LTE during a call or not.

I dunno. On the 6T I initially put in the SIM card that came with the phone, which I think was faulty b/c with that SIM card, the phone was CLEARLY not enabling VoLTE during calls. But when I put in the one from my now former phone (T-Mo LG V30), VoLTE was CLEARLY enabled and working. But yeah when comparing the two, when VoLTE was enabled, the call connected significantly faster. I would say like 2-3 seconds vs. 10-15 seconds. No joke!

Still, that IS interesting though (and favorable for Hauwei) that it connects that quickly without VoLTE. My plan was to buy the 6T (and got $300 off for trading in my old LG V30), and then in the spring get the P30 Pro or else Xperia XZ4 Premium. Right now after much research, I'm leaning more towards the P30 Pro b/c I feel Huawei offers more of everything I need. Many similar features like what OnePlus & Sony offer, including the "Raise to Ear" gesture which I love a lot. But I am HOPING they get VoLTE on it and so I can use Band 12 and also Band 71 too. Though I don't know if they will. I could also buy the Mate 20 Pro now, but then I wouldn't wanna upgrade that soon. Decisions decisions codified!! lol

Thanks again my friend!!

PS if you're considering the Huawei mate 20 Pro, maybe check my post above describing my perspective relative to the OnePlus 6T and a note about a watch out on the screen.

Awesome forensic advice about the icons. That appears to be an effective way to determine whether the vo LTE is indeed enabled on both outbound and inbound calls.

Results in a nutshell-

Huawei mate 20 Pro switches from the 4G LTE icon immediately to the 4G alone icon as soon as an Outward Bound call is placed, or when an incoming call is picked up. As soon as either call is ended it immediately switches back from bog standard 4G to 4G LTE.

The T-Mobile OnePlus 6T never loses the 4G LTE icon regardless of whether the call is placed outbound, or an incoming call is received. The 4G LTE icon is there before during and after hang up.

Okay icons aside, I'm not sure that the 5 second rule is so definitive. Everytime I call from the mate 20 Pro to the OnePlus 6T, or call a local retail landline, or call my Google Voice number... The Huawei mate 20 Pro Connects the call in usually 2 to 3 seconds, occasionally up to four seconds, but never 5 seconds or more. I timed the OnePlus 6T making the same calls on 4G LTE and it wasn't any faster.

So, thanks for your investigative aptitude. it looks from my end like the Huawei mate 20 Pro definitely does not have 4G LTE enabled on T-Mobile network, and the OnePlus 6T has it working in all cases regardless of whether the HD/HD+ icon actually appears in the stock dialer during a call. Having said that the Huawei mate 20 Pro Connects just as fast.

tldr; Best phone I've ever had and everything I hoped for, but you better do your research on the green tint screen bleed and recognize that you're gambling.

Well, I got mine on eBay as well it was pretty fast shipping and paid 1199.99 from a USA based seller who was very responsive and who I would recommend. The purchasing experience was great, this is the one I got (price has since dropped by $50, link below).

First thing I would say is absolutely do some research about a green tint screen bleed. this is a problem that is apparently quite pervasive and popping up on quite a few mate 20 devices with different degrees of severity. since the phone would likely be bought from an international source and Huawei would provide no u.s. warranty, it could be quite the Gamble.

I can actually see the screen bleed on the phone that I got, but it's quite infinitesimal. I have to go into a pitch-black closet, bring up a dark gray but not black background, and play with the brightness slider. But the green tint bleed is there... unambiguously there.

Also, something I haven't seen other people mention, is it in the stock camera app as you cycle between portrait, Pro, Photo, video, there is bleed from the top of the screen near the notch. This bleed only dimly flashes downward from the icons that switch in and out as I cycle between the settings, and again is noticeable in a dark  (but not Pitch Black) room.

Finally in terms of the display, if I go to YouTube and just play gray background screens, I get an intermittent and irreproducible dark slight blotching affect creeping from the edges of the screen toward the middle.

From what I understand Huawei is trying to say that at least the first and third display issues I described above are features of the curved screen. I can attest this is absolutely not the case, because the green bleed and dark blotchiness are not regular along the curved Edge and also can occur near the top and the bottom of the display.

I wanted to be really transparent, and set expectations for the worst. Having said that it's really quite unnoticeable to me, I have to work at making these display issues noticeable. I might not have even noticed them if I hadn't read about the pervasive problem and set myself up in a pitch-black room to probe the problem. I may post some of this on XDA Dev forum to compare notes with others, but haven't done that yet.

My concern is whether these will grow in magnitude and severity. if I was assured that my phone would stay in the condition it's at, and never get worse I wouldn't even consider returning it. Unfortunately it's too early to tell whether the problem will get more severe we just don't have enough data, or time in flight yet.

I still have a short period of time before my return window closes through the seller and I would be stuck trying to do a send in to an international warranty in Asia. That's not a fun thought. I'm hoping that over this next little bit of time I can ascertain whether there's even a minimal increase in severity, in which case I will return the phone. But if it stays at the state that it's in, quite frankly it's such an awesome phone that I'll probably just keep it and Gamble.

Okay so what makes it awesome? As to what I would be comparing it against I also got a OnePlus 6T (locked, from T-Mobile), and have been switching back and forth between the mate 20 Pro and the OnePlus 6T for a few days.

I know the OnePlus gets rave reviews, and my SO (who has a OnePlus 6Tas well) loves it, but to me it pales in comparison to the mate 20 Pro. Frankly I only got the OnePlus 6T phone for myself because it was priced at half off through T-Mobile and just in case I have to bail on the mate 20 Pro. Because of its Wi-Fi calling and volte, I'll probably use the OnePlus when traveling to some areas.

But, so far each time I switch over to the OnePlus, and shelve the mate 20 Pro for a day, I do it with a Grimace and a sigh of despair.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I would have loved the OnePlus, if I had never held the mate Pro. For the half-off price it's a no-brainer. At the T-Mobile half off price for the OnePlus, it's only 1/4 as expensive as the mate 20 Pro! That's an insane cost differential. It's just hard to climb down off of the top, even though the OnePlus is objectively a great phone (except the one plus in screen fingerprint sensor is blindingly bright in a dark or dim room, annoyingly bright).

Ok, so... mate 20 Pro: I really love the form and the features. It's simply the best phone I've ever had. Better than the note 7 that I had briefly until the Samsung battery police came and grabbed it from me before it might have blown up

The emui 9.0 UI is really nice (coming from falling and LG) I'm not sure why people don't like emui. I'm digging the gestures. The face unlock is wicked fast even in the dark. I can uninstall or basically block the few bloatware apps that came preinstalled. The screen recorder is just awesome (although Huawei might regret putting that on there since I'm using it to capture some of the screen issues).The knock split screen and other knock features are intuitive and I'm already addicted to them.

It is true that with gestures fully enabled things like picture and picture are difficult, and sometimes unworkable. this doesn't bother me too much and I can usually gesture a couple of times to get around it, but I can imagine it would bug the heck out of some people. If you don't use gestures and instead use the nav buttons, this is not an issue at all.

The one thing that I can't figure out if it's my user ignorance or a phenomenally stupid oversight by Huawei is that there is no apparent way to toggle auto brightness on and off in the notification tray. You have to dig down deep into the full settings to toggle auto brightness on and off. This is enormously frustrating, I don't know if it's a bug, or a feature of emui 9.0. It might not bother others but for me it detracts from the user experience to a surprisingly large degree.

Overall again it's a fantastic phone it's everything I was hoping for. Not having Wi-Fi calling is not a big deal for me, not having (apparently) voLTE doesn't seem to be a big deal as I get fast calls with great reception. even with Wi-Fi turned off so that I'm exclusively using the cellular network, I am able to send and receive texts and gmail and cruise around online websites while on a phone call... which is absolutely essential to me. Interestingly the only thing that I expected to work when I'm on the phone but which doesn't seem to, is sending and receiving messages through the Viber app. When I send messages or am sent messages through Viber, they're held up until I end the call. I'm not sure why I would be able to access the internet when on a call, but not use Viber.

I'm just desperately hoping that the screen issues stay as infinitesimally minimal as they currently are, cuz I really really really really want to keep this phone. But, caveat emptor.