Huawei Mate 20 Pro on T-Mobile?

  • 24 October 2018
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Of all the phones to come out this year, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has me the most intrigued.  While not available here in the USA, I was wondering if an international variant would work on T-Mobile, particularly for wi-fi calling.  Here are the bands the Mate 20 Pro works on...

  • GSM:
    • 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • UMTS:
    • 800, 850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • LTE (FDD):
    • Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32
  • LTE (TDD):
    • Bands 34, 38, 39, 40
  • Data:
    • LTE-A Pro Cat 21 (1400/200 Mbit/s), HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s, HSUPA

From what I'm seeing, it looks like it will work for calls and data, but I have no idea about the Wi-Fi calling aspect.  Thoughts?


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Yeah but I have that issue with all phones it seems. I just uninstall the ones I can, and the rest I just disable. I don't even have a FB account so I could care less about that crap. lol I always just disable the FB app on any phone I get during the initial setup, and then problem solved!

I don't think Huawei is the only one doing that though. I'm almost certain other phones I've had by Samsung, LG, and HTC were the same. My current OnePlus 6T though DID let me uninstall it which is nice.

Well the problem is, it's not just about spying through phones anymore. Now you have intellectual property theft accusations by T-Mobile, violating sanctions with Iran via bank fraud, etc. I don't know why the F they're doing all this stuff, or at the very least being accused of it. Makes me not want to support them anymore. Then yeah you add in no T-Mobile VoLTE here or Bands 66 (aka the 4G LTE section of Band 4) & 71, and it makes me not want to give them my business, despite how much I love their phones. We'll see how things go for them over the next year or so.

Yeah land, on pretty much all (if not all?) 2018 T-Mobile locked phones it appears the VoLTE setting isn't even listed anymore. Perhaps b/c T-Mobile doesn't want ppl to mess with it? But I believe that if during a call you're NOT in 4G LTE, then you DON'T have VoLTE. I had bought the Sony Xperia XZ3 last fall and it turned out to be the FIRST Sony unlocked phone that was T-Mobile VoLTE compatible. I only returned it b/c the camera was two steps back from the previous phone (XZ2 Premium). But I think the XZ4's triple lens setup + OIS will be killer!

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Yeah it seems so I don't make a lot of calls I use mostly the internet since I am teen I you know Internet is live lol trough my mom calls a lot she at one time turn it off since she didn't like the robotic voice of HD voice still call quality on VoLTE still needs tweaking for t mobile I mean my mom calls me and she always tells me that I sounds horrible when she calls me I don't know my only guess is the VoLTE or the HD voice I like VoLTE because the call connects quickly and HD voice cancels background noise so to me is a really nice feature to have

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I think Sony phones are cool the most coolest feature they have is their 4k screen altrough I say 4k on a phone is overkill but it's still would be nice to have it problem is if you use it it could drain your battery fast so I say I could live with a 2k or a 1080p screen if at least the panel was Oled altrough I heard that Sony has good management of that so that's a plus

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Digits is a good work around for wifi calling.

Yeah I love Sony phones too. Always have, although the Xperia X Performance (2016) was a letdown and I didn't keep that phone long. lol The XZ3's camera was its downfall. No phone company is perfect, even Sony. But my Z3, I had it for like a year and a half, which for me is kinda long! lol

I love 4K too although I'd rather have a QHD (aka 2.5K) HDR OLED phone so the battery life would be longer. But if they could make a 4K one with a LONG battery life too, then I'd be more open to it. Though 4K DOES make Sony stand out more since no one else is doing that.

Yeah the Z3 had great battery life, the X Performance didn't. The XZ3 though did.

We'll see what happens on 2/25 when Sony announces the XZ4 (or might be called N1?) at MWC!!

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I get excited for new phones even trough I can't afford one I hoping that in the next couple months to see if the one plus 6t goes down in price


Well IF I end up buying the XZ4, I will prob wanna sell my 6T. I will perhaps keep you in mind for that!

Where do you live btw? In the US? If so, what state?

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I live in the US territory of Puerto Rico or legally called Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Oh ok. Cool. Well if I do sell it as long as you have access to eBay (which is where I'll be selling it on) then it's all good!

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Yes I have access to ebay for how much you will be selling it

Well I bought it in October and so by say March/April it will be about 6 mos old, but is still in excellent condition. I will also be unlocking it as well, which will raise its value. So I'm thinking $450. I had paid about $600 for it. I will also be including a nice clear case with it as well.

So we'll see. It all depends on if I buy another phone or not, and I won't know that until March/April. But I'll definitely keep you posted!

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Nice having it unlocked is good since if you want to change carriers you can just switch with no penalty

Yeah exactly! I've never unlocked a phone before, but T-Mobile makes it pretty easy to do these days.

Hey landonloco.......................................the Sony Xperia 1 that I wanna buy isn't being released until May (ughh........SO annoying! lol), so I'm gonna hold onto my T-Mobile-locked OnePlus 6T a little longer before selling it. But I will keep you posted as things progress. Again, I plan to pay it off in advance so that I can unlock it, which will increase the value of course.

In other news...............wonder if the P30 Pro will have T-Mobile VoLTE? Probably not, but we'll see. It has MOST of the T-Mobile bands (2, 4 & 12), but not 66 or 71, so def won't have the best reception vs. other phones that have them all. I think I'm gonna pass on this one too. On top of that, it still has the Kirin 980 sensor which the Mate 20 Pro had as well. Hopefully they aren't stupid and put the 990 in the Mate 30 Pro this fall. We'll see. Though I may have the Sony phone by then and it won't matter. Another one I'm keeping my eye on is the Nokia 10. The new Nokia 9 Pureview is great except the camera is not great in low-light and it only has the 845 not 855. If they fix those issues it would be a great phone I think as the camera is great though not perfect.

If you're looking for a phone with US/Canadian-centric features, have a look at the Umidigi F1.   The F1 supports Wifi Calling, VoLTE and NFC and it also supports the majority of LTE bands used in the North American market.  The Umidigi F1 basically does all of the things we'd like Huawei and Honor phones to do and it is available for a reasonable price...currently $219.00 on Amazon and less on your favorite Chinese websites.      

I own both Honor 8x and Umidigi F1 and use them on T-Mobile.  The F1 is my daily driver due to its superior feature set and superior LTE band support.  I'd like to get a Huawei Mate 20 Lite but will probably hold off because of its lack of Wifi Calling and VoLTE.

I was with T-Mobile support today about setting up wifi calling/texting on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

We did get it to work after T-Mobile added my home address to E911. Great.

Not great once my call with support was over. If I now turn off the SIM and stay on wifi, calling/texting no longer works. Any suggestions welcome. I could call again…….I guess. Honestly, I don’t remember the steps we took.

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why would you shut off the sim? its kind of telling the phone whos network its supposed to be using including carrier specific wifi calling.

Thanks very much for your reply. Any chance I can talk to you?

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i do not work for TMO. just another customer

Ok. No problem. I did go to T-Mobile store today. I understood that wifi calls/text only works from home address as noted in E911 entry. Looks like Whatsapp is still best solution for me when out of the country using a non-T-Mobile SIM.