I am having problems with puk unlock code. This phone is new to me I never set a code is it a code thats  oddimatically  set when you buy  a phone.

  • 1 September 2014
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Im having problems  with puk code. They have a code already in the phone he how do I find out puk code ?

2 replies

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If you still have the card the sim was attached to the PUK code

be located there if not you will need to call Tmobile or use live chat

in the contact us link.

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The Personal Unblock Kode (PUK) is the cure if you entered the SIM PIN incorrectly too many times (4). You have several (10?) attempts to enter the PUK correctly to unblock the SIM PIN. If you try too many times, the SIM is locked forever. Called PUKed. Some SIMs come with the PUK printed on the credit card sized carrier; other do not. If you don't have it, you'll have to call customer service to get it.