internet speed way too slow for over a month

  • 7 June 2017
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One month ago, everything is perfect. Then all of a sudden, my cellphone Galaxy Note 2 internet speed slowed down and only have "E"signal.


I have "Simple Choice" plan with 4G unlimited data.


One month ago, I called for the same reason and was told T-mobile was running some upgrade and my internet speed will come back during mid of May.

Now it is still sssoooo slow, only "E" signal.


I had tried turned on/off the cellphone many times, also tried to turned "Binge On" feature on/off based on a discussion in this community, while nothing changed, still slow as before.

I checked two other lines in my family plan, they also have same problem.


Anyone can help?


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Gosh, I'm sorry you're still dealing with slow data. No one is a fan of sluggish data especially when you were told it was going to be fixed last month. I have a few questions for you so I can better understand the issue along with some steps for you to complete.

How far from your home do you have to travel in order to see faster data speeds?
What is the zip code where you usually encounter slow data speeds?
Can you please run a speed test on your phone by going to then share the results on this post?

Thank you in advance!

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Oh boy @magenta1716838 !

We're definitely past mid May and even that's a while to wait for data to pick up speed. Are you still having trouble with this? If so, can you please reply back and let us know? Thanks!

Thanks for reply.

The old phone internet never worked anymore.

I changed to a new phone, then it worked.

Can I get refund for two months of internet speed lose and all the



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I'm really glad the new phone is working for you. That's a bit strange that another device was the fix, but I've seen some instances like this where the phone is the culprit. As for a refund, we wouldn't be able to offer that here on support as we don't have account access. Our Care team does, but I still can't guarantee they'll be able to get a refund.

From 5 to 9 pst the network s very slow. Itisgettimg worse

 t-Mobile not recommended for prime time. Very bad. Will not supportHD let alone 4K. Stay away.

T-Mobile home internet just become too slow, it was working just fine and all the certain started to slow almost like a dial up connection.

I move my router around the house and left it in the best connection area. Still the same.

Nothing I do fix, I will be returning this and get Comcast, why paid for a service that you can't use!!

No costumers service 😤

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call in or contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..


and if you are trying to say Comcast never has any issues you might want to keep a nice hold on that magical unicorn you are working with..

T-Mobile Internet now much better. Problems from several months ago now fixed. I would strongly recommend.


My internet is getting slower and slower, especially in the evenings.  Last night it was clocking at less than 3mbs.  When I first signed up it was always above 20mbs and sometimes as high as 40mbs.  Impossible to stream with such slow speeds!!!  Is there a fix?