Is it possible to put my sim card into a boost mobile phone?

  • 24 February 2019
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My friend gave me his galaxy s8 that he used with Boost Mobile. I have a LG k7 and was wondering if I could put my tmobile Sim card into it?


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4 replies

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If it is unlocked it should work. Just keep in mind that some specific T-Mobil features won't work.

What do you mean by unlocked?? And if it isn't, is there a way to unlock it?

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Typically when you buy a phone through a carrier... they tend to lock the phone to their own network until you fully pay the phone off. Once the phone is paid off... you have the option to unlock the phone and allow that phone to work on another carriers network providing you put the necessary simcard inside the phone and the phone is compatible with the network.

Hypothetically if your friend still owe money on their boost mobile account.... but have no intentions on paying it. By them giving you this BoostMobile phone, and you popping a T-Mobile simcard into it... more than likely it wouldn't work because of whatever shenanigans has occurred with the phone.

Has Boost Mobile (Sprint) went to physical SIM cards?  Last I knew they used e-SIMS and there wasn't a slot for a physical SIM card.  Then again I left them years ago, and never looked back, so I haven't had much of a reason to keep up with them.