Is it possible to switch a Verizon Phone to T-Mobile when I'm already in T-Mobile?

Well, My friend is going to give me a DROID from Verizon. I'm already in T-Mobile, but he's from Verizon. Can I switch it to T-Mobile?


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To my knowledge you will not be able to use it on T-mobile's network due to it not running a SIM card.

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To my knowledge you will not be able to use it on T-mobile's network due to it not running a SIM card.

this is correct Verizon has a  CDMA network. which does not use sim cards..

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Which DROID are you talking about? Certain ones can be used on T-Mobile as they do use a Sim card and also have GSM/UMTS radios in them. However if you are talking about the Motorola device that was released in 2008(I believe) then it will not work.

Hey aznkiddo816,

Outside of the Iphone,  Verizon phones use the CDMA network.  This means that they do not use sim cards and there is no place to insert a sim card.  If you are looking for an unlocked Droid phone,I would look at a AT&T unlocked device.

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AFAIK It IS possible IF you have the DROID series released in 2011 as they are worldphones. Just make sure it is unlocked. I'm not sure though if a third party other than VZW can unlock them.

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pretty much all "Droid" Verizon phones are World phones in 2011 and on, but some of them pre-2011 are world phones as well.  Droid 2 Global for example.

So I can't use it? I seen my friend's SIM card on Verizon though. So there's no point, and I cannot connect it to T-Mobile?

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It has to be a world phone prior to 2011.  We need to know the exact model he has to know for sure.  Chances are if it's one of the pre-2011 then I would say no unless it's a Droid 2 Global.

I have an unlocked Verizon Droid DNA and I am using it with my T-Mobile SIM card. I can only get EDGE signal and some of my features don't work without a Verizon SIM card. So if u receive the phone for free then it's worth a try.

The HTC Droid DNA is unlocked and takes a SIM card. I am using a tmobile SIM but I cant usr all the features like hot spot.

Can I used Verizon Iphone 4S with IOS 8.1 for T-mobile?

If it is already unlocked and takes a SIM card, I don't see why not.
Just might not have 4g or LTE if the phone don't support the bands. But 2g should work.