Is my phone WEA-2 or WEA-3 compatible?

  • 21 February 2021
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I recently upgraded my phone to a T-Mobile LG Velvet 5G.  I participate in an earthquake readyness exercise annually.  I need to know if my phone is WEA-2 or WEA-3 compatible.

T-Mobile’s Emergency Alert FAQ

[T-Mobile] Devices Tested for WEA Functionality  (What is the publication date of this doc?)

Wireless Emergency Alert Test Coming Feb. 25

2 replies


What is WEA-2 and WEA-3?

WEA 2.0 supports all alert types, plus state or local test messages initiated by state and local emergency managers to test the WEA system to members of the public. Wireless Emergency Alerts 3.0 WEA 3.0 provides enhanced geographic targeting, so you’ll only get an alert if you’re in an impacted area specified by the emergency alert originator.


AT&T lists the LG Velvet as being WEA 3.0 compatible.  I suspect that T-Mobile’s listing of the phones and their WEA compatibility status is out of date.


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