Is the "Frost White" going to be available?

  • 15 November 2014
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Hi, OK just some input.  I have been with TMobile 13 years.  If you really ever want to know something need to get to customer loyalty.  The regular customer service people will not know that the edge is out until the Edge 3 is released.  Per a Loyalty manager who actually seemed to know what she was talking about.  TMobile does not tell them anything, for example is there going to be a white phone.  What she has "heard" is that TMobile is not going to release one.  The phone is limited, granted you can always go with the conspiracy theories, doing it on purpose what ever.  I think that other then phone geeks, me, you most people reading this not a whole lot of general customers even know what this is.  The release phones in number order for a reason.  Note 2 replaces Note 1, Note 3 replaces Note 2.  By releasing a phone just called the Note Edge your average person will most likely just assume it is an off shoot, cheaper version whatever of the Note 4.  This is just an opinion but I feel at first it will not be hard to come by, once they get out there in a month or two I think the only shot of finding one will be on EBay when you pay me $2,000 for my $850 phone because that is the only place there is one, just a thought.

Okay guys a lil bit of an update not sure what its worth but I also have found this link showing a support site for the frost white note edge including the correct model number, I also spoke with a Samsung Rep. and I asked her what that model number was to and she said it was for the Frost White Edge on T-Mobile although she also said that the white one is currently only available AT&T.... So my hopes are real high that its just a delay, I dont think we'll have to wait to much longer (fingers crossed)!!!

Wow what a thread 🙂

The other part that folks are missing in these discussions is that it is not always the carrier that decides what and which variations of a phone they carrier.  They may want a phone and the manufacturer may choose not to let a particular carrier have it because in their mind that the carrier won't sell enough to make it worth their while to do the custom work required for each carrier. That also goes in reverse that a manufacturer may want to put a phone with a carrier but the carrier doesn't want it.

I agree also that the call reps are kept in the dark for a reason, they don't want them promising a device based on rumor or etc then not having it happen.  Secondly T-Mobile is always very careful about what they release publicly (as are all the carriers) because if they "promise" something and then lets say the manufacturer backs out they are the one left holding the bag and with egg on their face and of course then a couple of ya hoo's will try a class action lawsuit.

As for phones I will agree with @ed60 those of us on JUMP (Especially JUMP1) have no incentive to keep a phone very long.  I just JUMP'd from the GS5 to the EDGE yesterday (took me an extra day to find the store that had the inventory for the entire area) and previously in April JUMP'd from the GS4 to the GS5.  Even though I could JUMP even after a month I am keeping myself on a relative 6 month cycle and figure I will be JUMP'ing on the GS6 in April and the next Note fall of 2015.  When I turned in my GS5 the "value" of the phone was $270 but I owed $495 which is what JUMP1 paid off so essentially a $225 hit that T-Moible/Assurant took on that one.  If I wait a year or longer I essentially end up backwards in the device and am losing value in paying for the JUMP service not to mention the fun of having the newest device and also knowing if it sucks I really only have to deal with it for 6 months and right now not even that since I also have a Sony Z3 and I just swap SIM cards back and forth depending on my "mood" or what I am doing that day.

Heck just since start 2013 I have had GS2, GS4, GS5, Z3 and Note Edge (Yes I skipped the GS3) and my wife has had the HTC Amaze, HTC One S, HTC One (M7), Note 3 and Note 4

I love this discussion but still can't wait or figure out what to get. Not sure if the store that i called on the 14th have the Edge available anymore but I am fighting myself if i should wait or not for the white one.

Lemme take this discussion slightly on a different route.

Can anyone tell me If someone buys a phone thru JUMP will have to pay the tax on the phone again?

My case: I paid off my Galaxy Note 3 Last month and bought the Note 4 on the 27th of Oct. I didn't use the Jump because I thought I should wait for the EDGE and use the jump then. When i bought the Note 3, I paid $61 in tax so my question is that if i go to the store, will i be paying tax again? I think technically I should be paying tax on the difference not the whole thing? If you guys know what I mean? For example. If they buy back my phone via Jump, the Note 4 is around $750 and Edge is $850, SO when they buy me Note 4 for $750 or take it back, technically I should be paying tax on the remaining $100 only right? Has anyone experience this situation?

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You will pay tax every time you jump for the specific phone you are getting.  You will pay tax based on the total value.  As you are not paying the difference.  You are paying full retail and trading in your device so you don't have to finish paying off what you owe.

I Know you don't give your phones much rest lollll but how is the battery? Much different from the amazing note 4 battery?

It seems to do OK even though it is smaller. It's nothing near my Z3 though

IF it seems ok to you I believe it's gonna be more than fine to me 😀

Yeah with the rapid charging it is quick to jump it back up to a charge

that will last a bit. Probably why I don't ever see it that low because if

I have 30 minutes I will plug it in which will put 50% back in it on top of

what it already had.

THe fast charge is cool but i think it will wear the battery out so quick

Yeah probably otherwise why would they give you a setting to turn it off lol

Thanks tidbits. But that's not fair.

As far as the battery life, I must say it's double than the Note 3. On a full charge the 3 use to give me a day worth of use from 10am to 10pm but the 4 is amazing so far. Full charge give me at least 36hrs before I put it back on charge. But one thing I don't like about it is that I feel like it's a bit slower than the 3, I think it's because there are too many applications running in the background. It's slow specially when you are switching between apps.

I Have the note 4 and the battery is great but i was asking Steve about the note Edge, i dunno about the note 4 being slower than the 3!!! Have you checked your settings and if you keep lots apps running in the background?

It's nice to see this forum is discussing about battery charging.

Fast charging is not changing battery life that much. Today's lithium ion batteries are loosing capacity after 1.000 charge cycles anyway. But there is a good news for next couple of years. The Anode gets old on lithium ion batteries. Thats why capacity goes down. Last month a battery researcher found a new anode for lithium ion batteries. It charges more than 20.000 cycles. Guess what it charges whole battery in 2 minutes. This anode can be replaced very easy with today's technology. It is titanium dioxide gel and made from soil.

But I am not sure if charging unit and charging circuit on mainboard will be compatible with new batteries.

It is still good news. It will change our lives. Electric cars, laptops cell phones.....

SOunds great but we will need to save to afford this technoogy

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You pay tax on the retail price of the phone.  This is not TMobiles idea but the USA Government.  When you got the Note 3 it was $750 plus tax, they take the tax up front so they are not included in what you pay monthly because you already paid them so the phone in reality cost $795 including tax(at 6%) you pay the tax so they then break down the balance, $750.  You pay off half of it, $375.  The balance you owe, you jump they eat the balance, has nothing to do with the tax, the tax went to the USA on the original purchase.  You know get a new phone.  You have to pay tax, it has nothing to do with previous purchase. :-)  Your Government at work.

Alright guys, it seems like the discussion has moved away from my original question but I enjoy seeing all the comments. Thank you all for your replies.

I have just talked to a salesperson at the Tyson's Corner, VA store about the white version of the phone and I wanted to update those of you who are really looking forward to getting them as much as I do. The representative in the store has confirmed that the Frost White version will be available to pre-order within a month but there will be a very limited number of those, so it will be very hard to get them.

Now he is the only person that has made such claims, no other stores or any customer service representative has confirmed what he said but I hope it is correct...

Sweet that's awesome news hopefully it is true and hopefully it'll be more than that store that's not too far from me but there are definitely stores closer lol... did they happen to mention if they even had the black in store yet?

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Best to ask @askDes on Twitter.  He is the product manager for T-Mobile.  It's better to ask him than to ask a low level rep.  I believe he's also here on these forums, but I haven't even seen him actually responding.

I already asked to @askDes on Twitter but no response yet.

Okay I asked @askdes this morning and he said that there were no plans to carry the white one currently so that sucks.... I just really hope that doesn't change at any point after I buy the black one!

I just read the last reply about t-mobile not getting the Edge in white so earlier this evening, I went ahead and got the Edge in black. It was a big drama. They said I am not eligible for the Jump because last month I got the Note 4. After threatening to cancel all my lines they finally listened to me and gave me the phone... 😊

So far I am loving it but will post the feedback in the next couple of days.

All of you who are waiting for the white, get the black before it's too late unless you guys wait another year for the Edge 2 which Samsung announced today.