Is the "Frost White" going to be available?

  • 15 November 2014
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I was planning to upgrade to this phone but I prefer the white one over the black. However, all I was able to find out so far is that T-Mobile does not offer the white edition of the phone "yet." I've been trying to find out whether it will ever be available or not but I've seem to hit a wall. Neither anyone in any of the stores, nor the 'customer service' line has been able to answer the question. I have called the customer service several times with very interesting conversations: some were not even aware there was such a phone, some would not believe me when I said there was a white version and went ahead to check Samsung's website, one of them was arguing that the information is "highly classified" as if I was asking for nuclear launch codes or something...In the end I have reached the conclusion that none of the online sources available nor any person that I am able to contact through the customer service will ever be able to answer my question.


There is a code classified for a white T-Mobile edition on Samsung's own website so I am hopeful.


Hence I have ended up here as my last attempt to find out whether T-Mobile ever have the SM-N910TZWETMB (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Frost White) available for it's customers? Hopefully someone with high enough "clearance level" reads this question and will be able to answer.


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---If anyone is wondering about the code for the black note edge: SM-N910TZKETMB---


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From what I have seen with the history of their device selection that I remember what you see is what you get. If they only offer one color they'll only ever offer one color.

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From what I have seen with the history of their device selection that I remember what you see is what you get. If they only offer one color they'll only ever offer one color.

Thank you for the response. I thought that would be the case as well until I saw a designated model number for a white one on Samsung's own website, thus all my attempts uncover why there would be so...I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up in the first place.

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I just looked on the Samsung site and they do not show white for Tmobile or sprint, they do show it for AT&T and Verizon

I am in the same boat as you. I called all the t-mobile retail stores in my area but no luck on the Frost White. I called t-mobile and all they had was the black one in stock. I called even samsung but it was just waste of time.

Like one of the fellow said, the main website Samsung, doesn't show the white one for T-Mobile but they are offering it for AT&T. Don't know what to do. Should I go ahead buy the BLACK one or wait a few days which is really hard 😊

I don't think the white color is available anywhere, when the phone was released in Japan it was the black version and they said the white will come later, the same happened in Korea ( SAMSUNG HOME ), the same here in the US, well I believe if you're interested in the phone Get one, supposedly it's going to be limited, you might wait for the white then miss the black

the phone is not even available in stores in all the states, it seems just some stores in certain states will get it????

I am in NC and no store here will get it so far,  it's up to you but if the white is a must you might need to consider the note 4, my wife got one today it looks nice but I do believe my black note 4 is more elegant but hey it's a matter of taste and preference, nothing wrong with that

Yes, it looks like it is available only for at&t and Verizon but not sprint and T-Mobile.

Not really, I don't know exactly where you got your information from @ed60 but I have friends both in Korea and Japan, even in China all of whom were able to get white phones without any problem. I can order a white one from there as well but I just didn't want to pay the whole price at once, especially when I'm eligible for an upgrade here. Besides there are sometimes support issues with the phones that are bought abroad.

I've seen and held both colours, and I liked the white one, as you said it is preference...

I have even seen a third colour, I cannot recall the given name but it was a light shade of pink but I know for sure that won't be sold in Europe or the US.

Yes @faadi80 it is very hard to decide. So I'm gonna wait till Monday and decide what to do then. I have even started to consider switching over to another carrier after today's conversations with the customer service representatives...

all these information is available online, I do read a lot about  electronics and so they started by the black and said the white will come later that is speaking of Japan and korea since they were the first 2 markets to receive it, may be they got the white version, I didn't kill myself to know if they got it or not lolllllll, I don't know about the white in the US it might come later, but as I said since the phone is going to be a limited production according to Samsung and lots of the specialized websites , there's no telling what's gonna happen, I haven't heard about a third color for the Edge but supposedly there's 2 more colors of the note 4 will be released I believe gold and pink or so

Today in the morning the link SM-N910TZWETMB (Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Frost White) was available on samsungs website. I saw the picture and other details. Same day night it disappeared. link is not available. I was hoping that the white one is coming in couple of weeks. But not sure now.

But still hope. Because it has a model number.

T-Mobile dosent care about it. I called 611 or actual stores they dont even know what is Samsung galaxy note edge.

I received such answers like these

1- Yes it will be available at 11/14/14 black and white

2- it is in stock and you are eligible to get $50 discount. Ooh sorry it is galaxy note 4 not note edge.

3- Galaxy note 8 is not released yet (This was very funny).

These are some answers from 611 or t-mobile stores. Unfortunateley I have 4 lines with t-mobile now.

ATT already got the black and white one.

Verizon is getting also black and white one.

T-mobile doesnt know what they are selling yet. I am not sure if t-mobile exists. It looks like a ghost company.

Best solution. If you are a t-mobile customer and if you are waiting for white galaxy note edge :

You have been waiting 2 months so far. Not your mistake. Its all samsung's mistake. Samsung created Galaxy note edge (its next generation LED screen and high performance phone). They dont know how to sell it. White galaxy note edge looks 10 times better than the black one Since silver color metal is showing less scratches than the black metal. Its t-Mobiles mistake to not get the white one. Because t-mobile doesnt care about their customers.

Yes. You have been waiting 2 months so far.Wait 2 more weeks. I am sure t-mobile will not answer your question. After 2 weeks maybe micro-center or will sell the white (unlocked version) galaxy note edge. We can buy it without t-mobile's help.

By the way I am 10 years customer of t-mobile. T-mobile doesnt help. T-mobile doesnt answer. If t-mobile answers today we may find another way to buy the WHITE GALAXY NOTE EDGE.

Wait for t-mobile's answer. Who is t-mobile. Who will answer. Who knows.

Wait for

Wait for black friday.

T-mobile please dont answer. Please dont care about us. We will find another way to buy WHITE GALAXY NOTE EDGE.

~ 10 years T-mobile customer

I am very sorry for black galaxy note edge buyers, Because black metal rim will show lot of scratches in 2 months even you use a protective case.

if you are buying this phone to use at least 3 to 5 years, white one is a must. Its not about just color preference. This is all about color durability. I can not waste 1000 usd every year.

have you tried one?

Yes I tried both white and black galaxy note edge.

How could you judge something you haven't used nor have you put your hands on it, the phone is not even out for 2 months in other markets, the note 4 which is made of the same material has been out for less than a month and I haven't heard anyone complaining about such thing unless the person is care free and doesn't need to use expensive things to start with, it doesn't matter what the phone is made of or what is the color, it mainly depends on the user and how neat is he!!!!!! I had my note 3 for 11 month and it's made of plastic where lots of people said the chrome layer over the bezel fades and looks ugly, that could be true but again how does the person handle the phone, if I keep it in my tight  jeans' back or front pocket, if I use the phone while eating , mess it up then clean it with a rough towel or whatever or throw it on a dashboard or console, if I throw it on a table instead of gently putting it on the table then what can we expect, mine that had an S view cover case still exposing the whole bezel not like the bulky protective cases was in mint condition when I jumped to the note 4, lucky he whomever will get this phone as pre-owned or a replacement

we don't buy EXPENSIVE phones then go get a 2 or 3 dollars case then say the phone got scratched!!!!!

if you think the white phone is more durable than the black well I am not sure about that, but even if you're right it's just a matter of a very short time for the white phone to look  as bad as the black one, it just needs to pick up some dust and dirt to become black then if you decided to clean it with a damp towel it might end up water damaged, and if you dry  clean it it will get scratched then you won't be happy and will stop cleaning it this way you will have a unique color scratched half clean black and white phone I am not sure if you will stand it for the 3 or 5 years you mentioned??????? 😀😀😀 just kidding

what I mean again it doesn't matter what the phone is made of, it all depends on how we use them, how careful and neat we are, but after all people are different and will always be.,  c'est la vie

where did you try them? in an AT&T store where they had them in display for almost one week and played with them for a little while? or have you been invited to the Samsung event a couple of month ago?????

Hi Ed60 I liked your comments over my comments. Thanks

How do I know galaxy note edge. I am a phone repair person. I have seen and used galaxy note edge units a lot. Maybe 5 black units and 3 white units.

And I also have seen maybe 5000 black or white iphone 5 5C 5S units so far. 

Let me write a small review about iphone series.

1-First iphone's back was soft aluminum type material. After 1 year 90% of them looked scratched and bended junk.

2-iphone 3g (black back plastic) and chrome bezel. Back was getting scrathes on black more than white ones. And chrome bezel was doing good all the time.

3-iphone 4 4s back was glass. (That was the best material iphone ever). Back glass was not getting scratches that much. Frame was steel it was not getting scratch. So steve jobs last design was most durable iphone. I am still using iphone 4 right now and it is still like new, (4 years old iphone 4).

4- iphone 5 and 5s 6 6 plus - Back and frame is one piece and unfortunately it is soft aluminum type material as first iphone. It gets scratches and bended easy. Same as first iphone (iphone 2g). After steve jobs died apple decided to go back to first iphone's material instead of new material. You can use iphone 5 5s 6 6 plus for 6 months without scratches. And the black ones always shows more scratches than white ones. This is what I experienced in last 5 years.

Why. It is simple. Aluminum naturally has its own color. Polished aluminum is normally silver color. If you scratch it still will be the same color. There is no black or gray aluminum. It is painted. if you scratch it it will show silver color. Silver scratches on black color. Iphone 3G black was better. It was plastic black and it was not showing scratches that much. So iphone 5C (Plastic housing) looks better than metal housing iphones (5 5S 6 6 plus) by the time in my experience.

Aluminum is very soft and get scratches very easy. But it is good for Apple. People who buy aluminum housing or frame phones will be needing change their phone every year. That is good for apple or Samsung.

I have seen thousands iphone 3g 4 4s 5 5s 5c.

I can tell that Iphone 4 material was the best. Thats why I am still using iphone 4 right now. My 4 years old iphone 4 looks better and newer and more shiny than average users 6 months old iphone 5s.

Why I care about color on galaxy note edge. Who I am.

I am using toyota prius to not pollute the air.

I am tech guy and interested in every advancement in phones but i wait 5 years to buy my next phone.

my first cell phone

1-ericsson 337 - used 5 years

2-xda O2 - used 5 years

3-iphone 4 used 4 years (Battery is not doing good now)

4- I am still waiting for white Galaxy Note edge WHITE.

in 15 years 3 cell phones. So I dont want electronic waste and pollution. So less pollution for me less pollution for you. I liked your comments. I respect your comments.

I want to use galaxy note edge for 5 years. I have been waiting in patience.

I hope everybody cares about phone durability. I call everybody to patience and quit buying new phones every year to prevent electronic waste and pollution. Thats why I am looking for the white galaxy note edge desperately.

Galaxy note edge white is my choice for next 5 years. But t-mobile decided to go with black unfortunately.

I just wanted to share my 5 years experience during cell phone repair business.

Thanks Ahmet to bring this issue to T-mobile page.

And thanks ed60 for nice comments over my comments...

Choose the best phone for yourself. Use it long long time. Go green....

I am sorry that you took it personal, as I said we are different with different taste and preferences, me personally I don't like white phones regardless of the material I am sorry but to me they look like a fridge or a stove, probably others that prefer the white phones think the black ones are a piece of junk or a trash can which is fine, my point is regardless of the colors and materials if the user is not careful he can damage the phone or whatever in a heart beat, I know people like that including friends and family members.

well it's good to go green etc... but these companies won't let you go any color other than the colors that please their pockets unfortunately the dollar is green too 😊 , well technology is one of my interests and I always like to have the latest, I am sorry I can't change it, over the last 18 years I can't remember how many phones I got, but I started with a funny Mitsubishi for a couple of month then Ericson for another 2 then I switched to Nokia starting the 6110 using all their flagships till the N8 but it was time for the Symbian to retire, used all Nokia's materials from plastic to polycarbonate etc.. then switched to Android and only Samsung got the S3, note 3 and note 4 and waiting for the Edge, I have probably used about 20 different phones over these years, and still with being careful as much as I could I messed up 2 phones well that is relative, to others it was what's wrong with them but to me it was a disaster, why? because we are different and nobody is perfect, I do understand what you're talking about speaking of them scratches, but how many of the users will see them or even care?

but let me ask you this, speaking of the note 4 and Edge, black and while since they are almost identical phones using the same materials, the black and white have metal bezels  silver and white and silver and black right?

ok the silver parts on both colors if it got scratched  they will look the same, now speaking of the colors yes the black has more tendency to show more scratches than the white but isn't the white part of the bezel a paint too like black or that is white Aluminum? I've read it has a magnesium coat on the note Edge which makes it feel more as plastic than metal, I am not sure if the white note 4 has a similar coat because for sure it doesn't feel like the black one, we have both mine is black and feels real solid and my wife just got the white it is nice but feels more like plastic when it's not.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the iPhones, I never had an iPhone and probably will never get one,

my iPad is enough for me I would love to stay sane which is not guaranteed if I got an iPhone on top of the Pad

Thanks again and please don't take my comments as if I was insulting you, I was trying to understand what you're saying because the way you presented your opinion gave me the impression that the phone is about a year old or so  when people around the world can't get it and as you know lots of countries won't even see it

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3-5 Years?  Are you kidding me, longest I have owned a phone is 1 year.  in three years the Note Edge will seem like a Motorola Tac. In two years the will be up to the Edge 3(if it sells) android version 7.0, most likely called Nestles or some other ridiculous name and this edge will not even be getting updates any more. So just to understand, you are upgrading from a G1?

I actually saw the same thing and if you go to the link Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Curved Mobile Phone | Samsung US and select T-Mobile as you carrier it does bring up the Black or White option it also gives a model number which is incorrect for both though the Note4 is the SM-N910T... now the real model number for the FROST WHITE NOTE EDGE is sm-n915tzwetmb and if you google that it actually brings up the SAMSUNG website pages that were created for the white note edge although they have now been disabled.. I spoke with a T-Mobile rep as well and they told me that the couldn't comment on future devices so fingers crossed I really, really, really want the white one, I have a black note 3 now and i had the white note 3 before that and I really wanna go back to having a white phone... so maybe in a couple weeks... Also there was a delay with the white version of the phone in Japan when it was first released and now they have it so I think we are experiencing the same thing. (HOPEFULLY)

wow..... this discussion went really far.

You know what, everyone is right but what should the folks who are waiting for the frost white Edge do? Should we or I just go ahead and get the black one... I can't wait anymore. Out 6 stores in my area, only one has the Edge is stock.

you're lucky that you have a store carrying the Edge, we don't have it here, it is a hard decision to wait for the white, there's no telling if T-Mobile will bring it later or not, I feel  like not everyone interested in the phone will be able to get it regardless of the color

Hi ed60

I liked all your comments. All positive thanks.

For me if I stay hungry food tastes better.

I don't know how it works for the other people.

Should we change our phones every year ???

The answer is iphone 4

My First upgrade

Ericsson 337 flip phone to XDA Reason: flip phone to smartphone

2nd upgrade

XDA to iphone 4 Reason - Resistive touch to capacitive touch. Easy to use and more resposive.

Last upgrade

iphone 4 to galaxy note edge WHITE : Reason: Edge screen. Night clock. Amoled more pixels. more flexible software. faster. S pen. Taking more notes etc.

You right this discussion is deeper than expected.

I believe people in this discussion different and extreme phone users.

Samsung galaxy note edge is named as an High End Phone. Maybe thats why.

I got some rumors for the edge screen from last year. So I have been waiting more than a year for it.

I can wait 1 more month.

But I also received some news that says galaxy note edge will be sale at microcenter, bestbuy and walmart.

Black friday is almost here.

I dont believe phone will be out of stock. it didn't come from space. Its human made. It will be on sale all the time.

White and silver combination looks perfect to me. You should wait and get black Friday deal too.

Very true if you're paying the whole price of the phone, but I am like other customers on jump program with T-Mobile so it won't make a difference if I got it now or on black Friday or Christmas, however all the articles that discussed this phone over the past few months said that it will be a limited Edition and will be only available in niche markets, that could be true as well or just a marketing trick from Samsung to make everyone eager to put his hands on this limited edition of a concept phone, but there are rumors about the galaxy S6 that will be released in the 1st quarter of 2015, it says it will sport a double curved screen !!!! one for apps and the other for notifications since the one of the note edge can get on your nerves if you're trying to use it for example the Camera since the shutter button pops up there and when you're ready to take the picture a notification pops up and messes up the shot!!!!! where you need to start all over again

Actually the double curved screen was supposed to be introduced with the Note Edge but Samsung changed it's mind at the last moment probably due to some technical difficulties, well if that is true then it goes with the limited edition rumor of the Note Edge, otherwise the S6 won't sell as they expect, lots and lots of people now are more interested in big screens, look at Apple and the Nexus 6 etc.. for sure Samsung don't want to be disappointed again since the S5 wasn't a hit !!! needless to mention that all the manufactures now are in a phablet battle.

It is everybody's decision to rush and get the phone now or wait for a cheaper price or different color but it sure is a difficult decision.

Well this is my personal opinion based on what I have read, I might be right or wrong but hopefully I did not offend you again