Is there a timeline for when Android 10 will be available for Tab S4 LTE?

  • 22 July 2020
  • 6 replies


The android 10 update has been pushed out to some tab s4 variants, but no indication of that update has been seen for the LTE variant on T Mobile, how soon can we expect the update to push out?

6 replies


I used to have faith on T-Mobile before but I think they have joined the likes of ATT and take forever to update their product.

I wonder what's taking so long? Seems like the entire world got this update, except for tmobile LTE tablets.


Do you all know how many phones Samsung has released so far? A lot. Thy only care about money just as T-Mobile are doing right now. I don’t know what is keeping the update, it is basically the same as the Tab S6

What the heck?? This update was supposed to be here Q2!! This is why I purchased the unlocked version of my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus 


T-Mobile is not the Magenta they claim to be years ago. They have changed and ONLY out for consumers money just like Samsung. 

I usually buy unlocked phones.  I bought the tab S4 from t mobile because it was a good deal.  But the lack of an update is reminding me why I buy unlocked devices.  If I don't get an update soon this may be the last t mobile device I ever buy.