Is there any news on Nougat update??

Is there any news on Nougat update?? I thought I read about an hour ago that TMO was rolling out now???

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To what device?

Galaxy S7 & S7 edge

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Not yet.

It is with T-Mobile testing now.  You can see on the software updates page.

I talked to a tmobile employee that got the nougat update on his S7. Wondering why it always takes so long to get it on the note phones? I have a note 5 still waiting.

That's because Samsung hasn't finished it yet for that device. The manufacturers need to develop specific updates for each variant of each model they sell. That is a tremendous amount of development time.

I get that, but I dont get why it always takes the note phones it seems a month or so longer to get any update. This happens every time. For the money you pay for these phones you would think that the system would try to be more efficient.

Just to be clear,  I do not work for or get endorsement from tmobile. Nor does tmobile develop the updates. This is solely on the manufacturers.  They tend to develop for the phones that sell the largest numbers first and put a large amount of effort to get that update out the door first. This means that less popular phones have to wait longer. And that midrange or low end devices will never get it. Because of this setup and they want to make the larger base of users happy first,  the slightly less popular phones end up having to wait longer.

I understand that, It just is interesting that with technology what it is, how come it takes so long to get these updates. (I know you already answered that) Just sayin.

Oh I hear you. It is frustrating.

Exactly 😉