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Does anyone know anything about the Lenovo Phab 2? The US version is listed as having band 12 but I don't know how compatible it is with T-Mobile. I have no information if it does VoLTE or WiFi calling. If it has those features the ~$200 price would not be too bad.



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I have not heard anything about that device to be honest. That ~$200 price tag does sound appealing though.  Maybe you can pick it up and see how it works and if it is not compatible you can return it.

Someone on HowardForums ordered one and will report back after he's tested it. It seems like the only international LTE band on the USA model is band 7, which I guess is better than no international LTE compatibility at all. It does have UMTS bands 1 and 8, so it's a viable phone for international data roaming. I have not seen any information about carrier aggregation.  Too low-end to have band 10 or 66 at this point.

My old phone is holding up pretty nicely. I'm planning to hold off on any purchase until something comes along with the new 600 MHz band. They may not know the final channelization of 600 MHz until February.

Here's a first look reported on HowardForums. The member who bought one says it does not seem to have either VoLTE or WiFi Calling. That would pretty much make it a non-starter for me.

I ordered the phone from levovo's website from inside the US.  I received the -Y model which includes band 12.  IMO this is the best bang for buck large phone as of this posting.

Link to site for reference (or google it):

Lenovo Phab 2 | Gaming & Multimedia Smartphone  | Lenovo US

Does it work on T-Mobile's VoLTE?

I have owned the Phab 2 PB2-650Y and now own the Phab 2 Pro PB2-690Y, both get full 4G LTE on the correct Bands with T-Mobile. Love the phone(s).

But to answer your question, No, The Phab 2 PB2-650Y DOES NOT (Currently) work with VoLTE but the Phab 2 Pro PB2-690Y Does. If Lenovo updates the Phab 2 software, it will work on VoLTE as well. The Phab 2 will drop to UMTS or HSPA+ when a call comes in.

Can you clarify your last paragraph please, you make reference with model numbers in the first sentance then mention just the name phab 2 when specifying volte , are you saying the phab 2 pro has working volte on t mobile? cheers.


To Clarify, NO, the Phab 2 Model Number PB2-650Y DOES NOT have working VoLTE. I got rid of it for that reason. Nor does it have WiFi Calling.

But... The Phab 2 Pro PB2-690Y DOES HAVE Working VoLTE. This is now my daily driver that I use every day. Sadly, although this phone (The Phab 2 Pro PB2-690Y) has WiFi calling, I can not get it to work on T-Mobile.

Hop this helps

Thanks for your response appreciate it. 😊

I thought only certain approved ( certified by tmo ) devices would have access to Volte. Going by the post here...


Im currently using a Sony Xperia Z4 tablet LTE, which utilizes works on band 12 but when used in conjunction with a T Mobile SIM card ( my usual voice and data sim I use in phones ) drops to HSPA or GSM for voice, which is expected as its not on T Mobiles approved list.

Can you clarify your last paragraph please, you make reference with model numbers in the first sentance then mention just the name phab 2 when specifying volte , are you saying the phab 2 pro has working volte on t mobile? cheers.

This is apparently correct. You'd need the Phab 2 Pro (US version). The problem is that this phone is much more expensive than the Phab 2.

The Phab 2 works great on T-Mobile just no VoLTE, which is fine if you don't mind it dropping to 3G/HSPAP for calls. The Phab 2 gets full 4G LTE for Data and goes right back to 4G LTE after a call.

Hey all !  I bought a Lenovo Phab 2 (not the Plus) for 129$ just before Black Friday, and just wanted to report in that having a 6.44" phone is AWESOME.

I don't talk on the phone much, but when I'm on speaker people hear me fine.  So I can't say as to the quality of calls as people are talking about with regards to the different bands in the posts above.

I've had no problems getting internet using Band 12 except inside buildings and I don't think that's a "my phone" problem ... it's a T-Mobile problem - which I can live with.

I almost got a T-Mobile ReVVL Plus (6") but I got the Lenovo Phab 2 a few days before it came out... good thing I suppose because the REVVL reviews are horrible - even a T-Mobile employee in the store said the phones weren't good. 

The only drawback to the phone was finding a case ! Almost all the cases are for the Plus which does fit but not perfectly. I ended up getting a custom case on AliExpress for 9$ ... you send them a picture of ANYTHING and they put it on a case ! (For 9$ ... lol ... best 9$ spent ever !)

I'm still on the look out for a GREAT 6" or larger phone that has T-Mobile bands... The Xiaomi phones are GREAT,  but the one that has T-Mobile bands was like 400$ and that's about 200$ more than I'm gonna spend on a phone. EVER.