LG Aristo does not always connect during a call

I have an LG Aristo - which I just purchased less than two months ago.  I have been having problems with making calls.  It shows "calling", but then drops the call.  When I had the K7, I had NO issues.  Is there an easy fix to this or do I need to get a new phone?  I am planning on going to the store this evening, but wanted to check on here first.



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Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your Aristo! How many bars of signal does your phone show that you have when you attempt to make a call and it gets stuck? Does this seem to happen when you are in a specific area?

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Good morning, @smokeysmom10! I'm just swinging by to see if the calls are still dropping on your LG Aristo. We don't want you to go out and get a new phone if this is a problem that we can fix. Keep us posted.

Always double check that you are using the T-Mobile Cellular Network and not Automatically attempting to make calls over your personal WIFI network. Even if you haven't connected to WIFI with intent- it could happen if you've sync'd up your Laptop/PC with your phone.

I am still having this issue. I went to the metro pcs store (this is a metro pcs phone) and they reset the network and the phone was fine for about two weeks or so. Now i am having the sams issue.   Need a solution.

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Ahh man! Sorry to hear this issue crept up on you again! If they did a network reset on your phone when you were in the store and didn't have any problems for 2 weeks, this could either be an intermittent issue with the network in your area or it could be an issue with the phone/SIM card. Do you have a Metro account or a T-Mobile account?

I was actually considering that it may be a SIM card issue.  I am on Metro PCS.  Like I said in previous posts, I never had the trouble with the K7 and only got the Aristo because I broke my K7 (shattered the screen).  I am going to the Metro store after work today to see if they will swap out for a K7 or another device.  It's very frustrating. 

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Sorry about that 😥 I thought this was just a Metro phone being used on the T-Mobile network. I would try the sim change first as it is a bit easier than having to redownload all of your apps.

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Hey there! Any luck with the SIM change?

Doesn't appear to be a sim issue. We were able to determine that it is with a particular exchange with sprint. Today, i was able to connect the call. I may be changing to sprint from metropcs

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That is super strange! So it is only happening when calling specific numbers? What about texting those numbers?

I can text those numbers with the 421 exchange; I had another MetroPCS user try calling the number and their call went through.  I suspect it is either MY exchange (979) or my SIM card.  will give it a few more days and I will then either:  a) switch carriers; b) demand a new SIM card or c) try another phone.  not really sure at this point.  it's just very frustrating.

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I am sorry you are having so many problems 😥 I hope that you are able to get this sorted out soon though.