Lg G3 Manufacturer defect???

  • 20 September 2014
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I bought my white lg G3 a little less than two montgs ago. Yesterday, I noticed that at the bottom of the phone and at the top, there is a straight crack that goes right tgrough the microphone. It is very visible on the white body. I have never dropped this phone and basically babied it from day one. On further research, it appears that a number of g3 worldwide have encountered this issue. Does anyone here have that same problem?? It's ridiculous that a $600 phone thats barely 2 mos old would have such issues.

12 replies

Hi.  I have a white g3 as well.  I have only had mine for about 6 weeks.  I have never dropped mine either.  There is ample evidence of this issue on the internet for it to be an issue with both tmobile and lg.  I have contacted tmobile both in store and on the phone twice with no hint of a resolution.  They told me to contact lg which I did.  LG said that they have never heard of this issue even though this article quotes an LG official as saying that it is a manufacturing error and that they are trying to fix it.  LG responds to complaints of G3 cracking issues - News - Trusted Reviews

The person at LG told me to send them my phone and that within a couple of weeks they would let me know.

TMoble said that they would examine it but that they might charge me a deductible for the warranty!! Really! 

I just wish that someone from either company would do 2 minutes of research on the internet to see that this is indeed a problem for some of us.  It may only be a few thousand people around the world but it isn't it better to just replace those phones and have people raving about how great the G3 is!!

I have already posted about this on LGs facebook page.  At least one person has already thanked me and said that they were going to buy something else instead. 

For TMobile this problem just compounds what is already mediocre service.  You can only win on price for so long.

It sounds like T-Mobile just don't have a plan in place or have LG working with them to declare it a known issue for T-Mobile.

LG sounds like they will repair or replace it. I doubt it should take that long though.

I purchased my white LG G3 at the beginning of August 2014 and I also have the same problem. The phone has never been dropped, sat on, or hit with anything. I spoke with T-Mobile support and was told that I have to go through LG to address the issue. The T-Mobile support rep said "It's not on our known defect list, so we can't do anything to help you." I directed the T-Mobile rep to simply do an online search for "LG G3 Cracking." It's clear that this is a known problem. A small crack can only make us susceptible to larger cracks and possible phone malfunction. It seems as if T-Mobile wants nothing to do with the phone once it leaves the store. Why isn't T-mobile recognizing that this is a real problem? We pay for our phones and T-Mobile is our service provider. That service includes cellular service and CUSTOMER service. Has anyone had any luck with a repair or replacement? Has anyone received a solid answer from T-Mobile?

With any physical damage, that is not something that is covered under the manufacturers warranty in most cases.

In situations where there is a manufacturing problem (like with the HTC Dash and the screen cracking), once it is verified, t-mobile does take care of it.

But until there is verification by them that a certain problem was a manufacturing defect they do not cover it.

LG did make a public statement "This is in no way related to product design or product quality and only affects a limited batch of devices." which is non-committal to the problem.

There is red tape between the companies as well that causes a delay in acknowledgement of issues, so the manufacturer will have steps in place until it can be worked through channels and have the carrier be able to take care of it at a later date.

So until that comes through and T-Mobile has worked through the channels and gets the confirmation and tests as a known manufacturing issue they will not replace the phone. From reports this seems to be the same story Sprint and AT&T customers are getting so far too.

You can contact LG directly and they will be able to repair it though based on the statement they made as well.

I have this problem also,

I don't think either company is fessing up or dealing with this properly..

I'm about ready to bail on LG and T-mobile.

I took the phone back to t-mobile , and the guy at the store said It's not his problem, I must have dropped the phone.

then I pointed him to some links where others are having the same issue.

Case Cracking - Hairline Fractures | T-Mobile LG G3 | XDA Forums

LG responds to complaints of G3 cracking issues - News - Trusted Reviews

LG G3 owners complain about cracks through the microphone opening

so He gave me LG's Phone number....Sweet.

Or since I have jump, I can pay a $150 dollar replacement fee..Sweet!

Then Lg says you need to send the device to us...we need to inspect it and it could take 5 to 7 days to diagnose.

And if deemed my fault, I will have to pay for repairs.

I've had a similar experience with Nvidia with their Shield tablet.

I contacted support, showed them a picture of the cracked case, and they are sending me a new device. end of story.

I'm not sure I want to be a customer of companies that accuse me of abusing my phone/being coy, when the issue is known and replicated multiple times to multiple people.

So. when I go to sell my phone, or Jump to a new upgrade, what happens then?

I'm getting the run around as well. I was explained that I could contact LG, which like you stated would take some time. So here I would be without a phone.

T-Mobile abandons me basically.

Verizon would have given me a phone within 2 days with just a phone call. Worst case I go in to a store and would get a replacement phone within 1-2 days.

OR I COULD JUMP AND SPEND THE COST OF THE DEVICE!! YEAH! 😑 Not wanting to pay $175, plus a down payment on another phone.

Hi all.  I have traded in my G3.  As much as I liked it, I was worried that the crack was going to continue to expand and that it would eventually affect the glass.  I might some day get another LG but the quality control and customer service is going to have to be better.  Maybe those of you who still have the cracked g3 should start a #crackgate hashtag to draw attention like the bendgate hashtag with the iphone 6.  Anyway, best of luck to all who are having this problem.

I have read complaints from Verizon customers and they are in the same boat.

They are dealing with it basically the same way it would appear.

I would suggest checking with the local store if they have a phone (probably a different model) that they can loan to you until you can get yours back from LG.

I'll be selling the device and never buy LG again. I shouldn't have to pay

for their mistake. Whether that be me paying for a loaner or paying with my

time having to ship out my device for an unknown length of time.

T-Mobile will have lost me as a customer as I never had this issue is with

Verizon before. Anytime I had a hardware defect I got a replacement free of

charge and within 1-2 business days. Guess I should have known better when

I switched.

If it is typically any other hardware failure that's exactly what T-Mobile would have done.

They send you a replacement and you just send yours in.

But a borderline damage issue complicates this further.

I participate on the Verizon and AT&T boards as well as enthusiast boards like xda.

Those customers with this phone on those carriers are basically going through the same thing. Those carriers aren't replacing them from the reports I have read and are being directed to talk with LG.

The experience with other carriers seems to be exactly the same.

LG seems not to want to take care of it like a recall and that kinda holds back what the carriers can do since they only honor the terms of the manufacturers warranty.

T-mobile had this problem with the HTC dash phone and screen cracking due to bad manufacturing.

T-mobile did replace those phones for free under the warranty since HTC acknowledged it and issued notice about it. So when acknowledged, T-Mobile has been known to take care of problems like this.

With many carriers not warranty covering this issue, it is clear that LG is withholding acknowledging the problem and not owning up to it.

This is such a joke I can't wait to jump to a new device.  I better not have to pay the deductible.  T-mobile replaced my first one after I wrestled with the rep on the phone.  Now the replacement they sent me has the same cracks as the first one.  It's not acceptable that I have to send my phone to LG and be left with no phone while they take 5-7 days to repair it.  When I had an htc phone with dust under the screen they sent me a replacement and put a charge on my credit card till I returned the defective one. 

Any update on this issue? I am going to be receiving a replacement for a different issue, but now I'm wondering if this little crack is going to screw me. I was asked about screen damage or liquid damage and after I got off the phone with the tmobile rep, I remembered the crack, but figured since it's well known issue, I'd be ok.