LG G7 ThinQ - Recent apps app icons

  • 24 March 2021
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I just did a factory reset. When I push on the square recent apps button, there are recent apps icons at the bottom... Is there a way to remove these? I am also having trouble getting dual window to work. When I hold the square recent apps button, nothing happens.

Please Help.

Thank you,

J. Smith

4 replies

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without including any personal info..are you able to take a screen shot of what you have going on there and post it in here so we can also see?


Ok... The first pic is my normal screen which is fine... Then I tap on the square to show recent/open apps and there's icons at the bottom... Never seen it before and don't like it. They change as I use my apps…


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yeah same thing on my V60. im trying to remember where you had to go to edit those..theyre basically quick jumps to some of the main apps you normally use..

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found it.




-turn off “app suggestions”


its basically taking your most used apps and keeping them down there..if your usage changes then whatever current apps you are using the most will be listed down there etc..