LG G8 Getting Android 10 This Month?


Is LG G8 Getting Android 10 in January?


Best answer by maxjersey 4 February 2020, 16:40

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Usually LG updates its devices in June or July for major OS updates.  I personally wouldn't expect Android 10 for your device until some time around the 4th.

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We don't have a date for it. If this device does get 10, we'll update our content to show it.

This mean Sprint Beat Tmobile to the punch.

They are ready to roll the Android 10 update out for there

LG G8. Well We Tmobile don't have a clue when Android 10 is going to be rolling out for LG G8 or LG in general.

You are right. But I hope Tmobile and LG don't take to July to roll out the Android 10. I hoping we get it this month. If we don't I'm done with LG and I'm just learning how it's both LG and Tmobile far as update goes.. It take two to make it happen.

Verizon just beat T-mobile to the punch too.

They are rolling out Android 10 to LG G8.

T-mobile are we going to be last?

I got a feeling we are in sure At&t is going to be before use? Which putting use in a loser position  

I though the A10 was in today but it was the January 1 2020 Security patch level. Which is but I really thought Android 10.  

AT&T beat T-mobile is releasing their update.

When I had another carrier, T-mobile seemed to release updates well ahead of Verizon. These days, they are always behind the other major carriers. This is not an LG issue, This is a t-mobile issue.

Exactly! Seems like T-Mobile doesn't care about their customers lately.

The correct answer is Tmobile  lost the race to get Android  10 for the LG G8. SPRINT is in #1 PLACE, VERIZON  #2, AT&T #3 tmobile is chillin and dont care.. oh well I throwing my heads up I give up. Just a bunch of I dont know.. I just know we lost.. Sprint beat us. Big up to Sprint and the other 2 phone companies..Great Job. Tmobile I just shack my head at yall.

I feel the same. They got and getting our money so they chillin on a private island laughing to the bank.

Yeah At&t beat us..

I agree bro. Somethings not right.

That makes no sense.   Your logic is off if Android 10 is already out on other carriers and you're still blaming LG.

Why does it matter which carrier releases first/last?  If you're first, you claim to be the winner (of what exactly)?  If you're last, you claim to be the one that didn't jump head first into what potentially could break things?

Because it is a MAJOR UPDATE TO THE PHONE!  It makes improvements that LG actually rushed to get out and T-mobile incompetenly is unable to deliver.  If this was done to an Apple product just see how the hate can roll on in. If you don't understand why it is embarrassing to be dead last behind those horrible carriers, you will not understand

Xfinity just beat T-Mobile  

So this just happened: LG G8 on Xfinity Mobile now has Android 10 : lgg8

Even US Cellular

Patetic....US cellular beat tmobile....we are the last and forgotten.

I wouldn't be surprised if they skip Android 10. Maybe 10.1

So jump ship...go to a "better carrier."

Lol it not even the point. The point is we pay all this money for the phone and service. Yeah I want everything on time just like they want there payment on time. T-mobile is big company so I'm giving no excuses not to give up our security patch on time and OS operational system on time but okay security updates been on point though. OS update nope.  I I caught them in a lie to. They telling everybody Korea is the only 1 that has the Android 10. For people who don't know they take that face value.. That's not good neither. You have people who do know what's going on. My tech support don't know what's going in the tech world. That's not good if they don't. All 3 big carriers has Android 10 now for LG g8 and now there's 2 little carriers that's also has the Android 10 for LG g8 now. That's very sad.

T-mobile just need to tighten up in there update center if they have 1. They most definitely got the money to do so.


The point is just Tighen Up. Lol Jump ship.. It not a bad idea. If every body start jumping ship then the will tighten up then. To get everybody back.

Android 10 is finally here!

Downloading it now! Thanks for the heads up 😎 !

Just downloaded it. It does take about 1 minute to restart and then magenta screen for two minutes. But why oh why are we still in January security patch. Come on T-mobile!!!