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i'm looking on ebay to get an lg g8 phone and some sellers are telling me they are not working now on at&t so i'm now wondering if they are not working on t mobile or metro pcs being they are the same carriers. i hate to get one and find out metro will not let it on their service. being in the listing ebay has them 4g capable

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Factory Unlocked Cellular Band: GSM 850 brand: LG Network: T-Mobile, Unlocked, Metro, Verizon
Model: LG G8X ThinQ Connectivity: USB Type-C, Bluetooth, 4G, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS

my lg k20 was kicked off tracfone and they made me get another phone so i picked the galaxy a21 but that phone does not have enough memory/storage. i'm at 29 gb out of 32 gb so i'm looking at the lg with 64 gb or 128 gb to get me going for a few years. i like the lg but if it is going out of service for metro then i ahve to pick a different model or brand

so can anyone tell me if the lg is going to go offline for metro anytime soon because it is going offline for at&t now?

thanks oh does any have an idea why it is so hard to get on the metro pcs forum? i tried my corvairbob and google put in the password and it failed so i tried to register using corvairbob and it said that was in use. so i tried to register with corvirbob65 and let the site give me the password and still it failed to let me register. it would not even send me a forgot my user name or password. plus it take 10 to 15 captchas to get into the send mode on that site. just wondering if it is my ip or they are just that hare to get onto the site?


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I have a Sprint Version G8 that won't work on tmobile but did on a Sprint mnvo before the migration.

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thanks but i would like to use a t mobile phone as i like there operating setup. maybe some have the lg g8 or the lg g7 and can shed more light on this.


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is it VoLTE capable? dont remember if the G8 was 5G capable or not but if it is NOT here before to long it wont work anyways..theyre shutting down 3G which is what voice goes VoLTE=not able to make calls.

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ok i did a bit of researce and it kind of looks like the lg g7 might not have that volte option. so my guess is the lg g8 will not have it either. they seem to be 4g capable. the galaxy a21 i got from tracfone did not actually say volte but i figure it must have it because they sent it to me. on the gsmarena site the lg has lte the a21 has lte the k20 has lte. but the k20 only had 3g the lg g7 has 4g the a21 has 4g so that is why the k20 went away.

but if anyone has some insight please pass that along thanks much