LG G8 ThinQ Android 10?

  • 10 January 2020
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So Sprint already won on release but is T-Mobile far behind?

14 replies


Thank you for the inquiry, Recent Update for the said device Available Update was Nov 5,2019 ----- Android 9.0 Software version:

G820TM10p that's for the Security Enhancement to October's Update. No new Update yet.

Try to check on the LG support web site if there's a new update for the device we have.

Hope this Help's resolve the concern

Thank you =)

Tmobile don't have a clue when went the Android 10 is going to roll out for LG G8. Well that is expect of Tmobile though.

They know but they just not telling us.

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I haven't heard any word on a date, but our continue will be updated if that changes.

Question was about Android 10 not 9.  Answer question or just sasay "don't know cuz we suck"

Yeah, bs answer from t mobile

Verizon just beat T-mobile to the punch too.

They are rolling out Android 10 to LG G8.

T-mobile are we going to be last?

I got a feeling we are in sure At&t is going to be before use? Which putting use in a loser position  

I chatted with t mobile yesterday about A10 and the person went to ask a technician.  The answer I got back was that A10 was only rolling out in South Korea.  Tech didn't even know that unlocked and Sprint were updating in the US.  Pretty pathetic.

Yeah I just read about it. We're getting screwed over again by TMobile.

This situation is ridiculous. It is one thing for them to be slow, but for their tech to say no one outside of S. Korea is getting the update is just plain stupid.  Unlocked, Sprint and Verizon are all getting it now.

I put the question to John Legere himself on twitter.  I got a BS reply pretty quickly from CS giving me a link which did not help and asking to message him directly.  I feel like chances are better if this stays in the public arena.

I would suggest anyone else waiting for real info send a tweet directly to Mr. Legere.  If they sell a phone they should support it.

I place the blame for slow updates squarely on T-Mobile. It does not seem that they have invested much to get updates tested and out the door in a timely manner. I say this as it is the same story across multiple phones that are T-Mobile variants. Many of the unlocked versions had updates released some time ago. To be honest, T-Mobile doesn't have a lot of skin in the game for updates as if they are slow everyone blames the manufacturer. Those people will still buy a phone but maybe not that manufacturer. Rinse and repeat. Sadly, it seems all phones are stuck in this loop with T-Mobile being the last to approve and push updates among the major carriers. The cell service I get for the price is good but the area of phone updates needs fixed.

Good point, I think you are right.

I found a factory unlocked phone new for 350 on eBay so went with that.

I have been with TMO for 5 years, never owned one of their phones.  After this nonsense I never will.

All that non-carrier talk is pure BS.

January is out the window for getting the A10 update

February is almost here and Tmobile supporters still don't have a clue which is very sad. I think I'm done with Tmoible after I pay my phone off. I think I might try Google new phone service Fi. I wish T-mobile was on point but nope. They don't care they got and getting that money so that don't care.

Anyone have an update on this? All the other major carriers and unlocked are updated to A10 now. Thanks

.......aaaaaand it's here. Installing now!